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Republicans are anti-American

All revolutions include a violent period—the Red Terror, the noyades of Nance (where French revolutionaries stuffed “aristocrats” into ships and sunk them). The American Revolution also had a “Red Terror”—but we hear less about it because we live in the American empire so the Sons of Liberty, rather than being characterised as the Bolsheviks are today (i.e. a tiny highly-organised minority who imposed their will through terror), are seen as decent people.

The American terror wasn’t as bad as other revolutionary terrors because America has always been rich—she just didn’t have the starving bands of ragamuffins and urchins and people fuming with resentment against the aristocrats that characterised other revolutions. America isn’t rich because of the Constitution or the Revolution—if anything, the Constitution has held her back. We know this is so because Americans were richer than Europeans long before the Revolution—had more and stronger children. That was because there was land for the taking and if you were prepared to work, even in a minimal way, you could have la dolce vita—Americans, being Nordic Protestants, did more than “the minimum” (much more).

Yet there was still a terror—and the excerpt above describes straight-out revolutionary terror, it’s Jacobin (note that the moderate revolutionary authorities, the Girodins, don’t want to use violence against the newspaper editor—but the Jacobins, the Bolsheviks, wade in). The situation described above is identical to a contemporary BLM or antifa riot—the dynamic is the same, right down to the official authorities deploring the situation even as their de facto allies (“no enemies to the left”) undertake maximum revolutionary action (to shut someone up).

Hence Republicans, who generally deplore these things, are anti-American. Ultimately, Republicans want to defend the family—they talk about “family values”. What is a family? Why is it important? It’s a hereditary unit—so the Republicans believe, at base, in aristocracy and the importance of blood. So they believe in what the hated British believed—so the Republicans are back-sliders, counter-revolutionaries. Families aren’t important—“What, like, the fancy-dancy English Royal Family—we don’t have that here, this is America, buddy!!!

America was built, per the above excerpt, on BLM and antifa type actions—and these actions have continued, sporadically, down the centuries (often concentrated on the desire extirpate residual American aristocratic elements, such as the Confederates). There’s no difference in the behaviour described above and antifa and BLM—it’s the continued Enlightenment revolution.

Today, America doesn’t have unlimited land for the taking. She looks more like Europe did when she had her revolutions. The frontier has been closed for over a century, yet every day thousands of people (mainly Mexicans, but actually people from all over the world) tumble down concrete-paved water run-off channels and jump a chain-link fence into America.

These people will not find a plot of land just for the taking, the frontier is closed—they are not Nordic Protestants. They will find a Federal dole to keep body and soul together—plus some marginal work on the side. They are closer in relation to the ragamuffins and urchins in pre-revolutionary France than they are to the settlers who instigated the Revolution.

Revolutions are not primarily caused by poor economic and social conditions—they are caused by a desire for recognition and resentment at the way social markers are denied to a person. The new masses in America have good reason to resent the old America (“white supremacy”, based in blood)—the country itself will provide the instigators to provoke them, as it has since its inception, and, unlike in 1776, there will be no general prosperity to ameliorate the thirst for blood that every revolution provokes.


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05 mei 2023

Even in colonial America, not all were Jacobins. John Adams famously represented the Redcoats in the Boston Massacre trial, even as he supported the Sons of Liberty's broader goals. A example of the "enlightened centrist" in prior times, I suppose. My impression is many, perhaps most representatives of the Continental Congress deplored the Sons of Liberty, yet their cause was indebted to early "activism". The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh? So no, the GOP is not anti American, in that analogy, they're firmly within American tradition. The rear guard elements that bring the revolution full circle.


Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
02 mei 2023

I'm depressed now.

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