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There will come a time when the last Bible falls apart, when nobody remembers the Koran, when the sutras of Buddha are forgotten—when AUM shall not be chanted. Before all those religions fall away—long before—the ideas people have about the world (liberalism, socialism, conservatism) and science and technology will have vanished too. Not even the religions, with all their billions of followers, will remain—even these will fall into dust. Nobody knows what Zarathustra taught today—nobody ever will (and the pyramids are silent under the stars).

All these religious figures met with what is beyond man—they came back with different messages, and their followers fight among themselves to this day (and some believe in nothing, because there are too many contradictions within and between all these faiths). Jesus died and was resurrected—he performed miracles; and Mohammad spoke to an angel—and Buddha communed with “the one”. Yet all their messages will fail in the end, the parchment will fall to dust (even as you pick it up in your hands). All that will remain is what always was and always will be—the mystery.


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