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I define the right as “responsible engagement with reality”; it’s connected to logic, since logic means “consistency” and the responsible person must be consistent—they must establish a connection between their actions and the effects those actions have on the world and themselves. However, leftists are also logical—it is a misconception they are not—it is just that their logic is a woman’s logic; it is logical but not connected to reality, it has no common sense.

There are some rightists who call themselves “realists”; they have studied Burnham, Machiavelli, and perhaps they subscribe to Neoreaction and the like—and yet these people, with their pseudo-scientific “watch what they do, not what they say” approach, are not in touch with reality and so are not on the right. In fact, these people conceal reality because they try to manipulate it in a rational way—to manipulate in this way conceals; it’s what the left does with its “reason”, the left’s reason is the true insanity.

Here is reality, this Christmas my aunt bought two trees: one was short and plump and the other tall and thin—she put the plump one indoors and the tall one outside. I saw the situation at once: she is the short and plump tree—hence she belongs indoors, in pride of place; and I am the tall thin tree—and, since she is angry with me, I belong outside the house. The trees represent our physical characteristics.

Your reality sounds like a dream. Precisely—you are asleep, I am awake; you dream with your eyes closed, I dream with my eyes open. When I say “responsible engagement with reality” it is the reality in the above paragraph to which I refer. If you are just a “realist”—a “Machiavellian, defender of freedom”—you are blind. You try to force the world—you think like Kissinger, like the Jews; it is all about the bottom line and who has a gun to hold over another man. Nietzsche was the same, detached from reality altogether—just a horny masturbator who couldn’t get laid, a frustrated little scholar fuming onto paper; his followers are like all chronic masturbators—blind, spiritually blind.

Look, I will pull the handle on my ejector seat if I have to—yet only in a dire emergency, since if I pull my own handle I will be shot through a glass canopy and have my spine compressed by the explosive charges beneath my chair. This is the problem with Nietzsche and Nietzscheans—they only know how to pull their own handle and so they always exit the aircraft, never fly it.

Better to grab the joystick.


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