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Raising Kane

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

To continue the descent into psychosis: a while ago I observed that the villain in the long-running video game series Command and Conquer—named Kane—seems to stand for the Indo-Aryan awakening. He’s bald, like a Buddhist monk—and seeks a techno-gnosis that involves pyramids that will summon aliens to Earth (via a novel mineral that landed on the planet called “Tiberium”—a green crystal that mutates humans and animals alike).

Well—Kane is “Cain”; and we’ve already established that for Judeo-Masonry we Gentiles are “Cain”, we need to be exterminated. Hence Peterson goes on and on about “the sins of Cain”—he wants to auto-exterminate, I guess. There is some apocryphal take that Cain became the first metal-worker too—again, an engineer and a warrior like the Europeans.

So Kane seeks techgnosis to summon the aliens. He’s bald like a Buddhist monk. Let’s rephrase: Kane wants to achieve gnosis to summon the gods back to earth—he’ll use the emerald tablets of Thoth (green Tiberium) to do it. This has to be put in a technical way because people only understand such things as “technology” today.

However, it’s also because the Judeo-Masons like to portray the gods as “evil aliens” (they’re still sore about all those years as slaves in Egypt, serving the priests of the gods—from whom they stole all their magic and then tapped into some corny deity called “Yahweh” who, well, may as well be Satan as far as I’m concerned).

So from Stargate to Independence Day to Command and Conquer it’s “aliens bad”—when the aliens are actually the vimanas that will come for the Aryans (I seem to recall a dumb stripper in Independence Day gets vaporised when she asks the aliens to “take her”—good job the Americans had a black fighter pilot and a Jewish scientist to save them in the end, tho natch).

Kane fights against GDI—who are funded by the UN. They are totally boring kumbaya love-the-world people. They represent the regnant Judeo-Masonic order, with its UN flag that has the same colours as the Israeli flag (yes, we noticed) and has its “target” as the North Pole (celestial Pole). That’s because they want to destroy the celestial Pole that links Earth with Heaven (of course, the Pole is currently at Antarctica, where Hitler resides, until the Poles reverse on the astral plane—Antarctica is another “target” for the UN).

Conclusion: Kane and Nod are the good guys—unless you’re a Jew or a Freemason—and they want to contact the gods and end the kali-yuga. Yes, this black-clad (SS) “mystic brotherhood” can “travel through time” (Kane was behind Stalin too, in the game lore)—what, like the Buddha? Yes—time travel is real, it’s just not done with your totally fake and ghey “science” and “computers”, nor with your child-molesting deranged former monks like Dr. Who.

The whole story just describes reality—at one point Kane even attains a ball of light, called the Tacitus, with the constellations on it and uses it to contact the “aliens” in a mysterious language (like the Slouia). Balls of white light? Mysterious entities? Levels of personal evolution (awakening)? The precession of the constellations? The stars as a gateway to the divine? Sounds like Hartsfell.

Yes—people know more than they let on. And whether it’s Jung’s “collective unconscious” or some actual programming—possibly to make use hate the “twice-born”, the Aryans—I don’t know. It feels more sympathetic to Kane than not—it feels more fun to play “the bad guys”… because they’re actually “the good guys”. Well, it’s just more evidence I’m right—the gods are real, time-travel is real, the pyramids were magical devices to contact the gods, and the gods will return and wipe out the Satanists. As Kane says…better turn our eyes to the heavens.


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