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Racial parallax

This is how it works: race and class are two sides to the same coin; in the West today, it is perfectly legal to incite class hatred and perfectly illegal to incite race hatred. Human characteristics are hereditary, you can establish this through common sense by observing farmyard animals or dog breeds—or you can use genetics. There is some movement—the dunce born to a higher family, the genius to a lower—but, generally, these groups naturally find their level. Social stratification is an artefact from biological reality.

What is called “race hatred” is the assertion that races exist at all and that they can be bred to be more (or less) superior—this perspective has to be suppressed to facilitate the view that all differentiation occurs due to environmental conditions that can easily be modified (so that everyone can be equal).

The natural way Western societies organise themselves is into stratified aristocracies ruled by strong individuals—with significant differentiation down the line, and attuned for war. The Jews naturally organise themselves into an extended family that is inter-supportive and egalitarian (the tribe, the kibbutz) and overseen by an intolerant religious authority (Freud, St. Paul, Marx) and attuned to scholarly consensus.

The Jews perceive European societal organisation to be unjust because it encourages stratification, since Western families are based on the nuclear model whereby individuals leave the home rather than remain within an extended family. Hence Jewish theorists tend to think—e.g. Marx—that Western societies are temporary environmental phenomena that are oppressive and so need to be dismantled; and they develop theories to achieve this state.

Attempts to implement these ideas—as happened in Russia—result in mass murder. What is called “class war” is actually race war against superior people by blood under the misapprehension by the mob that these differences are “artificial”. In Darwinian terms, the Jews create ideas like Marxism as an extended phenotype to facilitate their biological survival through the negation of rival societies in the competition for resources.

Whatever the causation, if Jews are intermixed within Western European societies they will naturally feel alienated from those societies and attack them in a way similar to Marxism; and given their high intelligence they are well placed to do so. The so-called “culture war” in America from the 1960s onwards merely represents the moment American Jews came to predominate in academia and the media (restrictions lifted on Hollywood censorship) and so began to attack, e.g., the nuclear family. However, it is too explosive to say and so everything is carried out in a coded way.

America is like Tsarist Russia in 1913; she is a decadent society ripe for revolution—revolution and collapse are two sides to the same coin. As in Russia, America has a significant Jewish population and this population largely conceptualises America as she was founded as oppressive and unjust (even “neoconservatives”, largely Jewish, advocate for generous state welfare; i.e. tribal communism).

Within this belief framework, “white Americans” play the same role as “aristocrats” and “the bourgeoisie” in Tsarist Russia; hence they will shortly face an exterminatory campaign under the rubric “social justice”. It will not be as severe as Russia because the social conditions are better, the Jews hold lots of power already (in Russia they were severely handicapped), and the Anglos-Saxon legal context is less arbitrary and brutal than the Russian system (Russians are just very brutal full stop, whether under the Tsar or Communism—they don’t have the rule of law, that’s an Anglo thing).

Orlando Figes, himself Jewish, repeats in his history of the Russian Revolution an observation by the Chief Rabbi of Moscow that “the Trotskys make the revolutions and the Bronsteins pay the bills” as regards the Bolshevik movement. Figes lingered on this and repeated this phrase several times because it was true, it was his bad conscience. This is because, property aside, even for a Jewish capitalist Bolshevism is more amenable to him as an idea than an aristocratic society. Hitler managed to intuit this was so but his intuitions were written off as “the illogical and irrational proposition that Jewish capitalists and Jewish Communists were allied”; however, if you understand race characteristics and the facts of the Russian Revolution, per Figes, it makes sense.

Hence Communism is, in fact, Jewish race war against the Europeans (merely coded as class war, the trick being to disrupt rival societies by turning their own people against each other). Hitlerism and fascism were not “the equivalent to” Communism (“totalitarian twins”) they were legitimate attempts by Europeans to prevent their racial extermination by the Communists; and they were considerably less violent and cruel than Communism, since they were more aristocratic and not entirely driven by cultic fervour.

Secondarily, women think in a collectivist tribal way; they think themselves as unstratified and as one “blob” (like a blob of blood on a sanitary towel); hence they also incline to the left—as do certain offshoot Protestant cults (e.g. Quakers) who try to pool property and women in a communal fashion, so mimicking the Jewish racial structure. It’s connected to decadent men; decadent men act like women and so form and join cults that pool property and women—the 1960s was a time of feminisation, hence a cultic time.

Due to the early influence from the Jews, Christianity has a tendency to go the same way and attack aristocratic societies (if really pushed, Christians will denounce aristocracy and race as unChristian—aristocracy and race are synonymous); hence Christianity is an early form of Bolshevism that was stabilised and made “inert” through Roman Catholicism (injection of imperial Roman authority into Christian democratic ideas)—when the Reformation started you saw “primitive Christianity” reemerge (e.g. the Levellers and Ranters in the English Civil War) and this was communistic, as we would expect. To avoid similar racial strife, Jewish and Western societies should disaggregate—the liberal-Enlightenment move to emancipate women, the Jews, and other feminised groups led to this situation in the first place.


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