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Punished Elon

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

No good deed goes unpunished. Musk dared to criticise the current Western elite line on the Ukraine. Result: a confected story that claimed that the Starlink systems he donated to the Ukraine have failed; at the same time, it was put about that Musk was in contact with Putin—he does talk to the Russians, if I read between the lines on his replies aright, but perhaps not Putin (maybe Medvedev, since he reached out on Twitter and wouldn’t be such a hot button contact). The insinuation is that Elon deliberately blanked out the Starlink systems “on Moscow’s orders”—to deny it looks like guilt (“And when did you stop beating your wife?”).

There will always be problems with a consumer satellite link deployed in a war—for which, to my knowledge, it was not designed—so they can always take some genuine outages and claim a pattern. That’s journalism, baby—fuck ‘em over every time, and who gives a fuck about the context so long you ratfuck the fucker, so long as the narrative is protected (that’s why so many journalists are alcoholics and drug addicts—inebriation helps deal with the dishonest way they live).

Anyway, this is the system we live in. If you step out of line, they will come at you with a made up story to try and destroy what matters to you—your business, in this case; for ordinary people, “just” your job opportunities and personal relationships. They do not care, they are utterly ruthless—the narrative must be protected. It took two days flat to put the strategy together—coordinated across multiple platforms, incidentally (that’s right, it’s one network—pan-media, baby).

As a collateral storyline, they dragged out a former politician who used to be in the pro-Russian Ukrainian party and now fights for Ukraine against Russia—and this was because Elon posted the 2012 election map that showed the pro-Russia party with a strong result in eastern Ukraine. Who knows what the real backstory is behind the politician—there is no time to dig and it will be forgotten in a day or two, purpose served; see, this guy changed sides—so Elon’s map is wrong. Musk should have posted a language or ethnicity map, not a political party map, to make his point—it was vulnerable to this angle, since support for parties, whether pro-Ukraine or pro-Russia, will vary from election to election; it only catches the flavour of the ethnic conflict, so it can be ratfucked as it has been ratfucked. Selah.

Bottom line: if you step out of line, even if you are a billionaire, they will come at you with this bullshit—and if that fails, they do what they did to Trump: the phoney investigations from the FBI, the phoney lawsuits, the hookers and whores who say you raped them. It’s all made up—and this is what they do to “powerful” people, so just imagine what happens to the little guy…Well, that’s what we really live in—dissent, forbidden (not technically, of course); actually, it does scare them when men like Musk tell the truth; hence the quick response. Remember, power grows out of the barrel of a gun—and these guys have the guns; but they also have the media, and that is a headshot enough in most cases.


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