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Prophecy (IV)

About six months ago, I was ordered to reassemble the Roundtable. As soon as I had transcribed that order, written it down, I spoke to my mother and she said, “They’re bringing back the Roundtable.” She referred to the Roundtable charitable organisation and its annual Christmas activities—yet it was a strong synchronicity.

When I visited the Minions stone circle, encountered the spirits there (most likely the spirits of giants), I discovered that it was aligned with the star Arcturus—Arcturus, Arthur, the Bear (the king who rules the Roundtable). Then I happened to discover the novel A Voyage to Arcturus (1920)—a novel that contains many parallels to my experiences at various stone circles, to the vimanas of light that sing the orphic kabbalah.

Subsequently, last week, I felt impelled to pick up a book about the Nazis and the occult in the library and discovered it was published by the Arcturus press—this was not an occult publishing house, just a regular general interest house with a wide catalogue (so no relation to, for example, the radical right Arktos publishing house—which also references Arthur and the Hyperborean tradition).

Then, a few weeks ago, the latest Covid-19 strain was announced—Arcturus. It has come to trend in recent days, growing in strength. The signs point to an increase in Arcturan energy—to the return of the Roundtable and Arthur himself (((the Hyperborean king who slumbers beneath these isles in the shape of a star))).


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