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Prophecy (I)

Updated: May 1, 2023

The only way to Make America Great Again is to accept that she isn’t great—in fact, she was never great; she was a terrible idea from the moment she was founded. As for the Little Satan, Britain, she is not an English country—not a white country, not a Christian country. She is a country for Asians and blacks and Muslims.

She is a population—America is a population, Britain is a population. There is no European civilisation: there is a rotten colosseum whose foundations weaken day by day—there is a plebeian mass filled with bread and entertainment, there are barbarian populations that roam through the frontiers while the legions fight wars thousands of miles from the metropolis.

In the Senate, a decadent patrician, from a once noble line, makes speeches about the need to preserve standards in Latin education—to teach Virgil properly (nobody can read Latin, not really—not even him); and a barbarian, whose parents arrived in Rome two decades ago, wears patrician purple and gives speeches that parody Cato on the need to secure the borders (the borders will not be secured). The Senate pretends to believe them both (and lines its pockets as it does so). In the corn exchanges, the market is cornered by Jews—in the slums, a new religion of weakness ferments (it worships yeast).

Now is the time to let go, I don’t want to hold on—I don’t want to defend the borders (the borders haven’t been defended for decades, the sentry posts are empty—the soldiers in the guard posts are dummies made from straw). I accept that America is not great, I accept that Britain is not an English country, I accept there is no space for white people in either, I accept that the European peoples are enslaved by the Jews, I accept that there is no European civilisation. I accept the black flag.


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Willow Spring
Willow Spring
Apr 23, 2023

It sucks because this countries landscape is so beautiful and wild. We were meant to stay anarchist I feel like it meshes with the American spirit better.

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