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Prayer (with Timothy Treadwell)


This is ecstasy. The video above depicts Timothy Treadwell (aka Timothy Dexter, aka Grizzly Man). He lived for 13 summers in the Alaskan wilderness with Grizzly Bears—he declared himself their protector and was finally eaten by them that last summer.

Treadwell is held in contempt—either as a figure of fun or as an “eco loon”—and it’s easy to do, because he was a narcissistic man who moved to Hollywood and was a bit of a sissy (even took his toy teddy bear to Alaska with him).

He was immortalised by Werner Herzog’s documentary Grizzly Man (2005)—in which Herzog paid tribute to Treadwell’s sometimes unintentional filmic brilliance where he caught nature in a poignant way (swaying branches in the Alaskan wind when Treadwell jumped out of shot). Aside from that, Treadwell’s footage of bears was remarkable—he came extremely close, even boffing them on the nose.

However, here’s another take on Treadwell. He was an alcoholic, could have been a washed-up would-be actor in LA waiting tables—but he found he stopped drinking when he went out into nature. He found he had a remarkable bond with the bears, even gave them names.

Although he was savaged by Republican hate-mail as a “lib” who needed to be “eaten by bears” and as an “eco loon”, the fact remains that Treadwell was only eaten when he brought his girlfriend along—on expedition number “13” (unlucky). I think that he offended the bear gods by bringing a woman with him, and so they punished him.

The mundane explanation would be that the bears could smell the girl’s menses and were excited, it being a lean autumn—or, perhaps, just having a woman along disturbed Treadwell’s normal thought processes and he made a mistake (he camped in an area he would have usually left much longer than usual).

However, as you can see from the above video, Treadwell had shamanic potential. This is how to pray. Treadwell enters an ecstatic state when he curses all the major deities—he is frenzied. He is in ek-stasis (which means to lose yourself, so as to stand outside yourself).

You might have been taught that prayer should always be respectful to the gods, but that isn’t necessarily true—it’s about activation of the magical will, and one way to do that is through a trance state; and you can induce a trance by cursing the gods as much as by praising them.

Notice how genuinely grateful Treadwell is when his prayers are answered—because this isn’t phoney religion, it’s real.

As is written over the gates of hell in Dante: “Abandon hope, all you who enter in”—you enter hell to reach heaven. The first step in the journey to heaven is to give up hope, you have to despair (de-sperare , literally lose hope). Then you can begin a journey to salvation—notably, progressive men like Obama are very keen on “hope” (“How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?” as Sarah Palin, Alaskan herself, observed).

Earlier in the video, Treadwell says that he’s really upset there’s no rain for his animals—his bears, like Tabitha (yes, I know, it’s cringe) whose cubs are dying. He says he doesn’t really believe in God, but offers an insincere prayer anyway (of the type the “religious” offer)—but it’s only when he gives up hope, stops trying to be “pious” and “holy”, and enters a frenzied rage with the gods that his prayers are answered. Because before he had hope, he tried to believe—but it was only when he gave up that he got it.

So sometimes you have to “beat the gods”—then you can express genuine gratitude to them, not this phoney nonsense most people give. Of course, you have to give up your vanity and your pride to do that—because you have to rave like a loon. That was easier for Treadwell than most, because he was in remote Alaska; but, even then, it took a while to give up his pride—and go mad.

By the way, note that it is a genuine miracle because it only rains on Treadwell’s area.

It’s similar to when some people do crop circles, they report it rains everywhere but where they do the crop circle—so they can stick their hand outside the circle and it’s soaking (because the spirits that directed them to make the circle, the sigil, protected them).


Treadwell’s real name was “Dexter”—Dexter, the right (the righteous). He was a swimming champ at school and had a blond “Prince Valiant” haircut (so described in Grizzly Man). I think he was a fundamentally righteous man who got confused with all this acting in Hollywood and changed his name to “Treadwell” because “Dexter” sounds nerdy, although both are righteous names.

I think he had an affinity with bears because he had an Indo-Aryan intuition to relate to Arktos (Arthur, King Arthur—the Great Bear). He was a knight in shining armour, the blond Prince Valiant who wanted to defend nature. I think that in this video he goes into berserker mode, like the old warriors in their bear skins—I think he was shamanic. He wasn’t exactly the “eco warrior lib” the Republicans disdained—I think that he was more religious than they were.

The cure for his alcoholism and, to an extent, his chronic narcissism was reconnection with nature for about 4 months of the year—reconnection with “the Great Bear”, the ancestors. He had always had a bear toy since he was a child, carried it with him as an adult—it was a totem. He only died because he was not a true shaman—he didn’t realise that it’s profane to involve a woman in shamanic rites, hence both had to be killed as transgressors.

Per the Blondie song below, you need to “go out of your mind and insane” if you want to “see Maria (Ave Maria)”. That’s what Treadwell does in this video—and it works (and it’s what Blondie do too—because, as Rumi knew, all the love songs that are about a kiss on a woman’s lips are secretly about a kiss on the lips of God, if you know how to listen right).


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