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When I first saw this meme I thought, “Is it pro-Christian or anti-Christian?”. Well, that’s because I’ve been exposed to too many right-wing Christians who want to make out their religion is very masculine and macho—people who would post the blond chad “yes” in response to this meme.

However, on the intuitive level I knew it was anti-Christian. It’s unfair to Christians, by the way, because Christians made genuine efforts to reduce violence—they banned certain weapons, like the crossbow, and they forbid for war to be made on holy days; and, even today, what’s left of Christianity does try to work for peace—contra the cope from right-wing neo-Crusaders, war and rapine were not what Jesus was about (read the Bible).

What’s the deal with this propaganda? It’s from an “official atheist”, an official at the “Atheist Alliance”—a real atheist, one who was hauled up for investigation by his organisation because he said religion is “retarded”. He said it to a woman—big mistake, women are very sensitive about the “r-word”, because all women consider themselves to be intelligent (not valued for their looks, you see) and “retardedness” casts doubt on this idea.

All the same, he’s a post-Christian. Atheism is a religion, a post-Christian religion—the complaint here is that Christians don’t live up to their ethic. They’re not peaceful enough—they don’t work purely by persuasion. Science, on the other hand…

What this shows is that we are still in the Christian ethic, it’s just post-Christians (atheists, the woke, Marxists) take the ethic further and try to be more consistent in its application. Science proceeds through rational discussion and persuasion—it is a purer version of Christian love, of the logos (a word that can mean many things, but is often taken to be “reason”).

So the complaint here is actually “Christians aren’t Christian enough”—being too bloodthirsty. Atheism is the most complete Christianity.


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