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Political sadism

This is psychological projection: the left isn’t sadistic—it’s men who are sadistic, it’s men who think in this way (obliterate the opponent, make him bleed at every opportunity). The left is feminine, the left is composed from believers—its strength is the same as Christianity, from whence it derives, i.e. it is filled with faith, credulous sickly-sweet faith.

The fact is that men like Lenin and Stalin and Corbyn and Sanders all believe, just like that fraud St. Augustine “believed”—he discovered he “believed” after he had his jollies with the ladies, then, like a penitent conservative turned gay marriage enthusiast, he told the world how sorry he was for all his “sin”. He was a trained rhetorician, of course—otherwise known as a trained liar (it’s his pagan father you feel sorry for—he paid for Augustine to go to rhetor school then the Christian bitch he married turned his son against him and helped convert him into a first-rate prig and hypocrite, whom Christ would have given a good lashing). Fact—The Confessions are just Augustine boasting about his sins and how bad he feels about them; he’s making his prayers in public, just like Jesus said not to (read the Bible, Augustine).

The left’s great strength is its reality distortion field—its true belief, its faith that can “move mountains”. It’s not spiteful and vindictive in the sadistic sense—it’s more like one of those filthy evangelical Christian tarts at university who, when not cock-teasing their boyfriends and propagandising for Israel, will tell you, “I’m praying for you, just thought you should know.” Fuck off.

It’s the power of “love” you’re up against—not real love, because real love is too powerful to say (so you have to say you hate someone—just like you tell a girl you’re going to kill her if you really like her, that’s real love). No, what the left has is phoney-woney hypocritical nursery school “wuv”, just like those fucking evangelicals and just as hypocritical.

What stands against this collective self-delusion? Science, philosophy, gnosis—all masculine pursuits, the desire to explore and master reality (not just take some man’s word for it). Science supposedly supports the left—but when you look into it their “science” is pure belief, Darwin and parson Malthus are on the right. What’s neglected is that there’s also philosophy and gnosis—ways to know about the world at the metaphysical level and in terms of spiritual insight.

Christianity, Islam, and leftism don’t like the troika above—you’re meant to just take the word of the priest (who is enjoying a blowjob or two from the choirboys) and that’s it. If you ask questions, if you demand evidence, you’re “Satan”, an “occultist”, or a “Gnostic” (latterly, “a Nazi”)—and need to be burned. Transgenderism: you’re just meant to believe in it like a good boy and shut up—well, Jesus didn’t just take the Pharisees at their word, nor did Heraclitus take the priests of Ephesus at their word, and nor did Galileo take the authorities in his day at their word.

The left isn’t composed from power hungry Machiavellians—if only it was, if they just wanted power you could negotiate with them. No, it’s worse—they are genuine believers who think they are “good people” and that you who oppose them, for whatever reason, must be cast into the pit. Total faith, total belief is a heady brew—it’s what burnt down the Library of Alexandria, and, ironically, it’s what got Jesus crucified if you think about it (he had questions about this whole “law” everyone believed).

Unfortunately, conservatives, while they think sadistic power-mad thoughts and project them onto the left, are actually masochists. What they get off on is demonstrated effortful control—so they will stand around and do nothing while the house burns down around them because it’s the “responsible masculine position”; and all their colleagues will be impressed that they showed such restraint—unlike that nutcase Donald Trump.


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