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Poetry criticism

Why is the poem no good? Because it is not sincere. In technical terms, it is correct—but to be correct in technique is necessary but not sufficient. It is not real, it does not come from life. In life, a woman is the moon and the man is the sun—she takes her politics from him, it is always so. If she does not take her politics from him then from her father, her previous lover, or a powerful man in the media.

So this is not from experience, it is not from life—it is not how the poet is with his women. I do not think politics matters at all, when it comes to attraction—not in the intellectual way he thinks about it. He wants to convince us about something—about himself, about who he is, about how the world should be. That is all intellect, not experience. Where is the poem about a woman he knows?

The attitude is decadent modernity, “O, woman—thou art my sun and moon, any desire I wilt provide for thee.” He wants you to believe that he accommodates women for sex, but I don’t think he does in reality.

Also, why only have sex for 15 minutes? If you’re in love you can go on for two hours—at least.


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