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When I was up at Hartsfell last year, I thought every day about how impatient I am—I am still far too impatient, I still want results right now.

As Guénon told me when I contacted him on the astral plane, “Any quick fixes? Are you for real?”.

So, yes, I still struggle to be patient.

That summer, I was told to go to Athens, so I came down before the 40 days were up—but it was only a symbolic journey I was to make.

That was confirmed later by divination.

So I bought the plane ticket and booked the hostel room, but I never travelled.

I thought you said you had no money.

You know, the statement “I have no money” is effectively meaningless—it’s entirely subjective and provides no information.

Perhaps I socialise with people who are millionaires but I only have £125,682.45p.

Perhaps I meant that I have know money, in that I have the hard currency of gnosis.

If you still want to believe in the things I say or in the images I post, then you have not understood what I have tried to teach you for years—that only * is real.

If you can drop your belief, then you will see all the things I have seen and more.

As it happens, I also wanted to send Tom Roswell on a journey to Athens—which I did.

Indeed, I even went to see the Elgin Marbles in London as part of my symbolic journey—and, about a week after me, he went there too.

This is the power of the symbolic journey, the power of magic.

It makes me wonder if Muhammad’s journey to the Temple Mount, now al-Aqsa, was symbolic too.

Or perhaps it really happened—just as I went there when I lived in Jerusalem.

Still, I am too impatient—still I lust for result, and still you are willing to believe every word and image.

But, sooner or later, you will understand what I have taught you for years and years.


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