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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

I said that Joe Biden is not American, for he retains an Irishman’s bitterness vis-à-vis Britain that would be absent in an American—the Americans beat the British, they have nothing to feel bitter about; for the Irish, their island is still occupied—and there is no sign that situation will change soon. Joe Biden’s quondam boss, Barack Obama, is also no black American. We can tell this is so because Obama expressed distress and anger over the way white people were served by Kenyans in upscale restaurants. For Obama, this was a rebuke against his Kenyan pride—it hurt, and he remembered it. For a black American, it is unlikely that the situation would have felt the same—the Kenyans are as alien to them, if not to the same extent, as the French.

Obama’s bitterness came out in his intervention over Brexit, where he condescendingly instructed the British not to vote for exit. This was his attempt, motivated by ressentiment, to pull down the former colonial master. He, as a Kenyan, would give the orders to the British bosses and put them in their place—tell them to remain subjected to the European Union. If Putin had pulled a similar stunt in, say, Ukraine it would have been regarded as an intolerable interference with sovereignty. Of course, it did not quite work or satisfy because Obama does not belong to a Kenyan elite that governs the US; rather, he was placed where he was by America’s decadent Anglo-American elites and their Jewish allies—the elites who really run America—to fulfil their narcissistic ideas about racial equality. So his intervention did not really satisfy; he did not exercise real power over the British.

At his election, many ordinary black Americans admitted—knew in their hearts—that Obama was not black; not, to put it in the vernacular, a real nigga. This is true because the Kenyans were never enslaved by the Anglo-Americans; they were conquered by the British, but the Kenyans are different—different in their very blood—from the West Africans who made up America’s slave population. Many black Americans have, like Obama, white admixture—hardly any are Kenyan in descent. Accordingly, Obama really resented the British but not the Anglo-Americans, to whom he has barely any relation; if anything, he owes them his power and position and so likes them—as he no doubt loved his white American mother. To understand the difference between a black American and a first-generation Kenyan-American, imagine if Samuel L. Jackson had been elected president in 2008—think about the difference in style and worldview as compared to Obama.

Obama was really a narcissistic creation to please progressive decadent Anglo-American elites and their Jewish allies. Progressives live in the world of narcissistic rhetoric; so, for example, they will frequently say immigration restrictionists are “inbred” (often this is applied specifically to white people) and that black and white interracial pairings represent “hybrid vigour”. However, they will scream if you turn to them and say: “Very good. Perhaps we should introduce legislation to suppress the tendency for Pakistanis in Bradford to marry their cousins to such an extent as to produce deformed babies….and perhaps we should research the best hybrids, should we make a hapa elite?”. The left knows race is real and is prepared to selectively use what amount to race science terms like “inbreeding” or “hybrid vigour” in their rhetoric; however, if you hold them to it in a consistent way they scream “Racism!”—and this is because it is all rhetoric, all emotional manipulation of reality and not a sincere attempt to understand race (in its cultural, spiritual, or biological aspects).

The same can be seen over Russia, the left tried to “turn round” the years when—in their mind—the right unreasonably claimed the left aided Russia; of course, the left really did collaborate with the Soviet Union, either went soft on her or actively aided her—the right really is not in Putin’s pocket. Hence the rhetoric, as with “Harry and Megs have hybrid vigour, the royals were too inbred”, has this weird insincere and sarcastic tang to it; and it is that way because it is contrived, and the people who say it do not really believe what they are saying.

Really they are behaving like a child told to tidy his room who takes all his toys and throws them in the bin, “There, I did tidied it!”. The right points out that eugenics conforms with reality, the left takes a black-white pairing—the least likely to produce an optimum outcome—and says: “There! You wanted hybrids, we gave you hybrids! We gave you Harry and Megs. So you better like it, since you like hybrids so much!”. It is a childish protest against reality—if reality is not so configured so that everyone is equal, we will parody your attempts to make it better through selective breeding so as to trash everything (i.e. if I cannot have the perfect situation I will have nothing, rather than something imperfect). This is a womanish attitude: the left perpetually cuts off its nose to spite its face.

Obama was meant to represent leftist “eugenics”: a pairing between a black African man and a white woman (taboo to the right, especially historically) leads through out-breeding to hybrid vigour—a masterful “intelligent” politician steeped in intuitive “indigenous knowledge” and educated, far from the impure flyover states, in exotic Indonesia and Hawaii; perhaps local enough to imbibe indigenous ways of knowing—all suitably smushed together, whether Indonesian or Kenyan or Hawaiian or from “the streets” of Chicago; and yet all eerily similar to a watered-down Methodist homily. In reality, Obama is a complete narcissist; he spent his life in a Pygmalion world where his white professors and advisers patronised him and cultivated his image as “the biracial saviour”—and this is why he always looks like the cat who got the cream, he has never had to make an effort for anything in his life; he smirks and preens before the cameras—he knows he is untouchable, the interracial overman.

Unlike with black nationalists and the more militant civil rights leaders, Obama’s biracialism was very important: he was invented to please the narcissistic illusions of the white-Jewish progressive elite—all people will mix together in harmony, race will be forgotten except for soft “teachable moments” about the sweet rhetoric provided by MLK and Obama. Anything too hardcore, such as Malcolm X, fades into the background; in a feminine touch, everything will melt into one—the intuitive wisdom of white women, so long suppressed by white male science, will unify with Kenyan dignity (“Black men are just so dignified; he’s just like Bob Marley.”); and the whole package will be completed by an education in non-Western Hawaii and Indonesia. What this “one world” vision conceals is the narcissistic assumption that “really” all people in the world are white middle-class people from Boston who send their darlings to Montessori school and watch educational PBS specials on the Maasai.

As many people have pointed out ad infinitum and to no effect—because it is a religious position impervious to reality—conventional Western anti-racism is the height of racial arrogance, since it implicitly asserts that deep down everyone is a white middle-class American (if they could only be educated properly, so increase the education budget). This is why so much fuss was made about Obama’s oratorical skills—the implicit message was Pygmalion again: “Professor, you did it! You taught the hybrid to speak just like us! Not a trace of ghetto! Remarkable!”. In line with liberal doublethink, it was absolutely prohibited to point out that this was why people went on and on about Obama’s facility with language—although the militant black nationalists would pop up sometimes to say: “Yeah, you mean it’s remarkable he doesn’t speak like a nigger, right?”.

Obama’s relation to actual blacks—real slave-blooded men—was nil; he was an imported foreign elite, and his concerns were unAmerican. Hence the ideas about “Obama’s fake birth certificate”, while not literally true, represented a means for black and white Americans to express their intuition in a metaphorical way that Obama was “not American”; not a honkey, not a nigga—but rather some confection cooked up in the progressive educational-agitational complex.

Similarly, the idea that Obama was a “secret Muslim” was more to do with Obama’s radical unreality: Obama is nothing so serious as a secret Muslim—he is a nonentity, a narcissistic airhead who repeats whatever talking point his Jewish and decayed Anglo advisers drop into his slot. The idea he was a “secret Muslim” was the fantasy that he could be in some way “a real person”, not another Greta Thunberg or Malala—for Obama belongs to that manufactured moppet class specifically tailored by industrial managers to get the decadent and sentimental audience “right in the feelz”; particularly the white women, “the Karens”.

Compare Obama to a real Muslim, Osama bin Laden: wealthy yet hardworking and modest, pious, serious, determined, self-reliant, courageous, a genuine internationalist within the Muslim faith—if only America had such a serious leader, if only there were a “secret bin Laden” in the White House. This was the fantasy: the people who said Obama was a “secret Muslim” longed for him to be a substantial or real opponent—actually, he was a quintessentially perverted American; he embodied a certain Anglo-American ethical sensibility—and this was the problem for the right, Obama is American; or an aspect of America, perverted America, at any rate.

Hence Obama did not lead to a post-racial America, as many claimed he would; since he is not black he could not address America’s fundamental paradox—a nation founded on self-evident liberty for all men while defending slavery. Rather, Obama was racially ambiguous enough to destabilise America’s racial equilibrium but not really black enough to be the first black president—a title still held, arguably, by Bill Clinton. The result was that people felt gaslit, and they eventually went crazy and elected Trump—who is definitely American—in an attempt to extricate themselves from the bullshit. In a sense, despite all the pious editorials, America was not ready for its “first black president”—or even a racially ambiguous president—and so went bananas after the event.

Obama’s presidential portrait sums up his presidency: unlike all the previous dignified portraits, Obama was pictured seated amid a green jungle background. Poor Obama was mortified at this undignified portrait that, of course, implicitly suggested he was a monkey—even though the portrait was composed by a black American artist it managed to visually suggest a typical racial slur. The portrait indicated that Obama was definitely not a peer with the presidents that went before him. Of course, for Obama, who is white at heart, the portrait was a shock; it showed him that even blacks, even the portrait artist, did not think he was a peer with the other presidents—they were in office, he in the jungle. “Post-racial, my arse.” Perhaps the portrait also suggested, subconsciously, that black Americans regarded Obama as a monkey who jumped for the white-Jewish organ grinder—if you watch Obama move about he definitely has no funk; he is no soul-brotha—he is stiff, stiff like a Northern European Anglo-Protestant.


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Feb 19, 2022

I get the feeling you want a real black, like Samuel Jackson, to be president? Americans almost did that with Jesse Jackson in 1984. Trouble was, he was too aggressive and scared the crap out of white liberals. Slavery has nothing to do with it. Trust me, Obama hates whites as much as Oprah. He just learned how to verbally caress and reassure – to "nuance".

Obama, through his blackish Attorney General, Eric "nation of cowards" Holder, was able to attack the police through something called disparate impact. To wit: the FBI was directed to investigate police departments that arrested a disproportionate number of blacks to their local population; which is ridiculous since blacks are 29 times more likely to…

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