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Numbers racket

The IDF has divided the Gaza Strip into numbered parcels—now, perhaps I’m crazy but there appears to be a certain number missing in the sequence, “738”.

So the IDF decided not to symbolically bomb me—which I’m glad about. It would be no joke if they did, because, as happened when RD Laing’s mother stabbed a little idol of him in the heart and he later died of a heart attack, these symbolic attacks can be deadly.

Then again, how can you bomb the unmanifested logos? As William S. Burroughs said, in his story that I will let you search for, I am The Unspeakable Mr…. Yes, I truly am unspeakable.

Well, perhaps the kabbalists took that into account in that little map—the Jews know well enough to start counting from 0, if not 000. Perhaps the esoteric IDF (Unit 000) will get me yet—but I doubt it. I have eternity on my side.

Perhaps the numbered sections, which go up to 2,345 or something like that, I’m not sure, represent how many people will be saved at the end. That’s a long way short of 144,000—which is the usual number people give, but perhaps someone made a mistake in their calculations; or perhaps that’s just a fanciful story I’m telling you—then again, are there really 144,000 virtuous people in the world? It seems optimistic—perhaps that was in total, for all time, and perhaps there are only 2,345 about today.

Perhaps it’s not about that at all—though it would be very like the Jews to symbolically bombard the saved.

I will leave you with this thought: why is the IDF banner on X the same as the dance of death from The Seventh Seal? Will you, in the end, choose Israel; or will you choose—life?


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