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Nordic 12 Commandments

I’ve been at the Eddas. It’s the usual story with Nordics, everything is very contained and reserved. I have derived “the Nordic 12 Commandments” from the text.

The Nordic 12 Commandments

  1. Have courage

  2. Don’t trust women—they all lie

  3. Honour your ancestors—wash and prepare the body on death

  4. Don’t talk too much, don’t appear too wise

  5. But don’t be glum when you socialise

  6. Don’t spend a night in a witch’s house

  7. Don’t break oaths (don’t lie)

  8. Honour the gods, seek advice from the Aesir

  9. Don’t eat and drink too much—disdain gluttons

  10. Seek wealth in cattle, husband your wealth

  11. Possess excellent weapons, always acquire better weapons

  12. Runes will aid you—use rune magic


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