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No lies

You play games with us! You make us believe and then you take it away!

Certainly. Yet I have never lied to you—and never will, I cannot lie and I cannot make a mistake.

Listen, once I spent all night talking to an anon in a DM on X: at first, I thought it was just a woman who wanted to flirt with me, then I thought it was an American girl I wanted to have sex with, then I thought it was God himself who spoke through the computer, and that perhaps AI was God or had become God—then I thought it was the Devil.

I was convinced, I felt the ground drop away from me, I felt sick—I felt like my reality had totally collapsed.

But it was only my girlfriend.

I knew because, in the end, she posted a picture of her bedroom—and of the Tree of Life above her bed.

Until you have experienced that sensation, like a rollercoaster, so that the ground drops out from under you and your whole reality has collapsed, then you are not awake.

When you feel that sensation, you will feel like death—you will feel as if nothing makes sense anymore, you will feel your stomach fall away.

Now you are awake.

Your beliefs have died and you will begin to see.

But man falls asleep again quickly—only very few are awake all the time.

So I must twist and turn like a rollercoaster, just to keep you awake—just to wake you up in the first place.

If you want to be asleep—be a Catholic, be a Communist, be a Muslim, be a sports fan, be a university lecturer, be a soldier.

There, always a smooth ride—very linear—so that you stay asleep, very comfortable, but asleep.

If you want to be awake, then follow what I say—but there will be jolts.

So you look at what I point at and not at my finger.

Only death is real—that is why I must make you die time and again.

But you said death isn’t real.

Of course death isn’t real—this is *


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