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Nigel Farage (Providence)

I’m not a Nigel Farage fan—and I don’t mean that as a litotes, as a means by which I say I hate him through understatement. I’m indifferent to him, I don’t like him a lot and I don’t dislike him. I think he looks like a frog—like that alt-right icon Pepe the Frog, and, indeed, Farage has French blood. These are just objective observations, nothing personal.

The image above is a plane crash he was in back in 2010. A plane crash is always bad news—and this one is a total wreck. You’d expect Farage to be dead, or at least paralysed (look at the way he landed upside down, squashed by the whole plane—he could easily have broken his neck or his back, I’ve seen it happen to people who jumped on bouncy soft-foam cut-outs in adventure playgrounds, let alone in plane crashes).

Yet he walked away from the crash with a bloody face, not paralysed—not dead. I don’t even think he spent a night in hospital.

So? you might say. Well, don’t you think it’s unlikely? I don’t know—what are the odds? Can you give me a statistical table of people who walk away from small plane crashes? No—I can’t do that. But just look at the situation, not in an abstract way, look at the particular example and not the regularity—doesn’t it seem extraordinary to you?

Not really, mate. Well, it does to me—because it seems quite unlikely Farage could walk out of such a crash (not to mention that the area around the plane was soaked in aviation spirit, it could have ignited in a moment—not least because his aides who came to help him were smoking their fags around it; and just look at the cabin—the whole thing is completely smashed).

Farage is, in a way, not a notable figure—just this constant minor irritation for mainstream British politics, just this man who has gone on and on about this one issue, the EU, for 30 years or so (until he got his way). The proverbial thorn in the side of the establishment.

His party, UKIP, seems to be anti-fragile—in that it folds up periodically, changes name, changes leader, and yet still keeps coming in various guises (its real leader always is and always was Farage, no matter how they swap it round—he is the party’s spiritual leader).

So what are you saying is going on here? Quite simple—Nigel Farage was saved from this crash by Providence, because he was required to engineer Britain’s exit from the EU (the EU being a Satanic organisation). After all, his chances of success in such an enterprise, with his cobbled-together coalition and small resources, were always perishingly slim (as was the referendum result itself). His success and survival can only be attributed to Providence, to Divine intervention.

So you think Nigel Farage is a latter-day English saint? I wouldn’t go that far, I’m just saying that there was someone watching out for him on the astral plane—and, perhaps, there was some Satanic force that caused the plane to crash in the first place.

I find this hard to credit. The EU is a component in a wider project to melt down all nations and subordinate them to a global super-state, centred on the United States, that will destroy all races, sexes, and religions and serve as a kind of Tower of Babel—would not the man who opposed such a situation, in a Hobbit-like way, be subject to protection by Providence? Just look at the photos, just look at how bad that crash is.

Do you not have eyes to see? How can you not perceive the miraculous deliverance of Nigel Farage?


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