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News titbits

The Sunday Express reports that Emily Mateless (Maitlis) has take a “date” to Prince Andrew’s pizza place—which Andrew assured us was a “one-off thing” (a trip to Pizza Express, so he says).

Maitlis is played by Gillian Anderson in a dramatisation of “the Prince Andrew affair”—which is funny, because I didn’t think Anderson was Jewish like Maitlis.

As discussed, Pizzagate is either child sacrifice or contact with the divine (if not both)—but something is up, probably.

Unless the Express is just throwing red meat to its ravenous readers with this suggestive headline.

In other news, the Russians want to kill Grant Shapps (defence secretary).

They jammed his aircraft’s electronic systems.

And almost hit him with a barrage of missiles.

Perhaps it’s because his wife is a “Goldstone”.

She claims to be an integrative psychotherapist.

But before she was just known as “auction girl”.

So this tension with Shapps and the Russians is because his wife and children are Jewish—the showdown with the AntiChrist and all that.

“Unhappy therapist”


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