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Namaste (II)

The other day, after I posted the article ‘Namaste’, I walked into a shop called Vinegar Hill to buy a Mother’s Day card.

I had some reservations about the shop’s name—since it’s literally sour—but I have to admit that it was a very tasteful shop, achingly tasteful even.

Hence all the cards—which were very tasteful—would have a black boy on the front, not a white boy; and the other cards featured multi-racial groups of women together.

In a synchronistic event, I found this card with “Namaste” written on it.

For some reason, Buddhism is interpreted as being “softer” in the West—almost not a religion. After all, you’d never do a birthday card with a woman “relaxing” in a church.

Well, Christianity is a cruel religion, it’s about the crucifixion—but distance can foster illusions, and Buddhist monks like to hit disciples over the head with sticks.

To meditate is to reach union with the Godhead—not to “relax” after you’ve had a few slices of vanilla birthday cake and a glass of Prosecco.

Now, that may not be an agonising process—but it’s not “relaxation”.

Relaxation for a rather tan girl, slightly mixed-race, who is rather overweight.

Let’s take this opportunity to remind ourselves what the Lotus flower, so associated with Buddha and the baby Horus, really means.

The number 7 is a sacred number:

Seven devas in the Hindu scriptures

Seven amschaspands in Zarathustrianism

Seven angels of the Chaldean faith

Seven sephiroth in the Jewish kabbalah

Seven archangels of the resurrection

The number “7” appears in many ways in nature itself. Indeed, flowers that have not been crossed with other flowers have seven petals on the outside, but flowers are easy to cross with each other—so the 7 is easily lost.

However, the Lotus is not easily crossed with other flowers—hence it never loses its individuality.

This is why the Buddha chose the Lotus as a symbol for his religion—it is pure, it is pure seven.

This is because he taught that the creative spirit is the foundation for our world—and the creative spirit is “7”, just as there are 7 planets in astrology and 7 days in the week.

Hence the Lotus, pure white, bears testimony to the silent spirit that animates all life.

And that is why the races should not crossbreed—and why it is Satanic to do so.

For that which crossbreeds loses its individuality and deviates from the eternal sacred spirit, the eternal sacred sound.

The pure white Lotus must not crossbreed, else the sacred number will be destroyed.

If the shoppers in Vinegar Hill knew the true message of the Buddha they would be very angry—for the Buddha was a racist.


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