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Millennial Woes and the committee

Over the last few days, I watched a few videos from Millennial Woes; in one video, Woes asked, in paraphrase, “Why is it that an individual is often right whereas a committee is often wrong, even if the individual lacks the committee’s expertise?”. The answer is that committees lack integrity, whereas an individual who makes a sincere effort to attain the truth may be wrong but not as wrong as a compromised committee.

Politics itself is compromise (“the art of the possible”) and, taken broadly, for anything to become “political”—from video games to opera—constitutes a deviation from integrity into factionalism and compromise; it goes without saying that democratic politics—in which compromise becomes a virtue—constitutes the most debased political structure there can be, save tyranny (in which one compromised man makes the entire society compromise for his benefit). Tyranny grows naturally from democracy, the tyrant compromises himself in the debased democratic milieu in which he grows up.

The right is amenable to biological parallels—cybernetics, HBD, IQ—because biological systems are characterised by integrity. Put simply, a compromised biological system is highly likely to die—as, for example, with an immune system compromised by HIV infection; hence to think biologically is to think holistically and integrally—if your body “gets political”, say your nose runs all day, then it is in deviation from health. The body politic, the diplomatic corps, the King as the head of the Church of England—you get the point.

The left is generally allergic to any biological metaphors or analogies and seeks to “problematise” such “essentialist” outlooks—you cannot change your body, inequality is hardwired, and the wolf pack circles its territory in violet GPS-tagged traces (all intruders are killed, the pack grounds retain their integrity). Hence, even as I did as a child, it is suspicious to form a playground gang with your American friend called “the Blue Wolves” (“May the Blue Wolves howl forever”). Essentialist, racialised, imperialist. In the end, I grew up—they say I’m a grey wolf now.

Obviously, Red Indians cooperatively shared their lands with wolf packs and didn’t seek to expand their territory or defend their acquired land—well, that’s what they say; yet the Red Indian chiefs weep, for the liberals wear their identities like…wolf skins. Me big sissy now.

The biological aspect is useful: ideas like IQ, HBD, cybernetics, and so on are all real in their own scientific terms—and they are disprivileged by the left because to think in these ways contradicts almost all left-wing ideas; however, these ideas are associated with the right not ultimately because they demonstrate inequality and hierarchy empirically but because they reflect integrity. The natural world reflects that which it subsists upon, the metaphysical reality that is the whole—and is the whole because it is integral; and hence the image of “the world tree” recurs in many religions, integrity as represented by nature.

The lay individual beats the expert committee because he has integrity (or has more integrity than the people on the committee, anyway). It’s not about a biological system but about a commitment to live life with integrity, not to compromise for fame or personal gain—or just to be liked. Integral systems are rebarbative to most because their refusal to make compromises is inhuman; and that is why the divine is inhuman—imagine the most integral thing in existence and its immense power and light.

In an imperfect world, compromise occurs everywhere—hence I can offer an insightful critique as regards the Russian military’s adventures, but to lead the Russian military you have to make so many compromises that you cannot permit yourself to see what I see. It’s not like people are unaware that there is a problem with compromise—it’s why we have consultants; we hire people to come in and point out all the blind spots in a business, blind spots that often arise through self-serving actions and laziness (it’s why people hate consultants, all those schemes might get caught out—then again, consultancy itself doesn’t always work that way; after all, who watches the watchmen?).

To move towards a more integral position will make you an outsider—you become like Heraclitus, the weeping philosopher; nobody would listen when he said the city laws were abandoned. “Why doesn’t anybody see?” Look, they can see and they know what you mean—they only pretend they don’t see because they compromised; and because you have decided not to compromise you have been cast into outer dark, to become that creature, beast or god, that lives beyond the human community—to be a wolf that howls outside the city precincts.


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