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Messages from the other side (II)

In the previous article in this series, I noted that I have received two messages from supernatural entities: that people should be less selfish and that the Jews should accept Christ. Further, I noted that I do not know for sure what the supernatural entities are.

It is my interpretation that they are the gods—what Christians would call “angels”—or, in some cases, the giants and fairies. The star-like entities appear in the Bible, they lead the Magi to Jesus—they are recorded in the Bedouin religion that existed before Islam and Christianity, they appear as the wise men of the tribes who turned into stars. They appear in ancient Egypt—they are the pharaohs turned into stars by their pyramids, a stone salvation device; and they also played music to me, like the Hindu vimanas and the Orphic music described by Miguel Serrano.

Moderns interpret these entities as UFOs—or aliens; and I also said that these entities could be sent back in time by a super-intelligent AI at the end of history, or be natural phenomena connected to the nature of existence itself, or a parallel race that exists on this planet alongside us in a hidden way.

There are many other possible interpretations, the Egyptians said the gods are the same everywhere but appear in different ways to different peoples—and, I presume, at different times. I work with the the traditional view—that these are gods, fairies, and giants—because the traditional view is usually, though not always, correct; and if people have contacted such entities for so long—as Crowley encountered balls of light and some people see “strings of light” in graveyards—then surely there would have been some correction from these entities as to the presupposition they are gods?

So that is why I say I don’t know what these entities are. I have my interpretation, I am willing to revise it. However, underneath my article someone cropped up in the comments who told me to “forget your inner Christopher Hitchens and believe”. Yes—I could say, “it’s just like what the three wise men saw” and rush to the nearest church and leave it at that. I could say “it’s what the Bedouins saw” and investigate primitive Bedouin religion—or become an Egyptologist, or a follower of Crowley.

Well—that is to be the same as Hitchens. Christopher Hitchens had beliefs—he wasn’t interested in the truth, he just imposed his beliefs on people in an arrogant and bigoted way. In a synchronistic twist, he lost his voice at the end—he lashed God with his tongue, and God lashed back. Yet people who just go to a church, or a mosque, or to the Bedouin and say “yup, I’ve seen some things, now I believe” are just as bad as Hitchens. Where is your thirst for truth? Where is your curiosity? Where is your desire for adventure? Or do you just scurry for your mother’s skirts when things get funky?

“It’s Satan, it’s all Satan,” so said Father Seraphim Rose as regards “lights in the sky” and UFOs—and why then, Father Rose, did the three wise men follow a star to Christ? And why are the faithful in heaven stars? And why, in Genesis, does God create the stars for our benefit? These people are believers and bigots in the genuine sense—just like Hitchens was a genuine bigot. They are interested in control and being important.

“You are all demon-worshippers, now follow me—I am perfect.” And yet you don’t actually know, do you? You believe God doesn’t exist, you believe Jesus died and resurrected—those beliefs make you feel good, superior to other people (but it’s an illusion). I feel that I know Jesus died and resurrected because if the biblical story of the Magi is true and that is possible then it is more likely than not the rest of the story is true and the miracles are also true—however, I also think there have been many men like Jesus and that his followers are intolerant (like the Muslims).

So I’m not just going to run off and believe in Christianity (whatever that is, Christians all say different things today anyway) or the Bedouin or Mohammad or Akhenaten. I’m going to continue to investigate the phenomenon, see what else I can find out and what other messages come through and try to reach some firmer conclusions. How can it be wrong to be truthful? I don’t think it can be. But I think you can easily go wrong if you just decide to believe in what people say.

I don’t ask you to believe in me—take it how you want, take it or leave it. The men who say “believe” or “don’t investigate”, like Serpahim Rose, almost always repress something in themselves—Rose was a homosexual who decided to hang out in a monastery (put temptation in his way); and to me that’s a cautionary sign—because if you’re a homosexual and you hang out with “forbidden fruit”, even if you don’t touch it, you’re getting off on the sensuous thrill of being in the presence of the forbidden (the velvety, purple sexual tension in Christianity Nietzsche talked about). What about “committing adultery in your heart”?

That’s why monks are all notorious buggers—and that’s what it is, but please don’t come at me with pious declarations about “the UFOs are demons” (it doesn’t even stack up with what’s in the Bible, though it stacks up with being in control—and the desire to control what other people experience).

So that’s why I say I don’t know for sure—I have an interpretation, it seems like a solid interpretation, but I don’t know for sure. I’m one of those twin people who has to see to believe—doesn’t believe in belief, just wants to see. That’s why I’m not going to close the book and recite lines from other men who haven’t seen anything—but who know a lot about ego and control.

The entities haven’t said to follow Christ, they haven’t said to follow Crowley—or Akhenaten or the Bedouin. So why not let them speak for themselves? So far, I don’t think the two messages—be less selfish and the Jews should accept Christ—constitute anything that could reasonably be called “evil”. It seems to me religion goes very wrong when people fill in the blanks “oh, obviously you should follow Mohammad”, “obviously it’s Thor”, “obviously Miguel Serrano was right”. Isn’t that how we end up with wars of religion and genuine intolerance? Isn’t it presumptuous? Why not wait for the signs?


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