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Messages from the other side

I never set out to receive a “message from the other side”—not like some dotty Edwardian spinsters involved in a seance, part sponsored by the Society for Psychical Research (perhaps with Conan Doyle in attendance). So I never cracked out the Ouija board and the plectrum—or activated the old “knuckle-rap”. “Edward, Edward can you hear me, is there anyone there?” “Oooh, yes, Mildred, I can feel something…coming through, it’s a tall dark man with a message for, for…Enid…yes, yes…it’s Edward, he says everything is well here on the other side…and how are you?”

No, I never set out to do such a thing nor had any interest in it. Nor do I have a particular interest in the occult or the esoteric, although, admittedly, a relative did say to me the other day that clichéd line, “You’ve got way too involved with the occult.” Just as people “flirt” with the far-right, so too they become “involved” in the occult—I don’t make the rules, that’s just how it is. Sometime later my mother announced to me, “I said to your father….‘He’s shaved his head’.” The tone was accusatory—it was an indictment. Somehow, we’re all meant to know what that means—although nobody can actually articulate it. What is it? That I’m like Aleister Crowley? Like a Buddhist monk? Like a neo-Nazi skinhead? Like a schizophrenic?

All of the above, to be frank—as with when I was asked in an interview how I voted on Brexit and the reply was, “Oh, so you’re one of those.” And what does that mean exactly…? “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” “Frankly, you’ve gone totally schizo.” Hallelujah.

Anyway, I have received messages from the other side—and I’ve already reported them in other articles but here they are again for clarity, just two. In reverse chronological order: this message came at the Rollright Stones—while I was bunched up in a state of excitement at the supernatural entities at the end of the field I thought, “The problem today is that people are too selfish to see that there is another world, a spiritual reality,” or I thought words to that effect, anyway. When I did so another separate light flared at the field’s end, and did so again when I thought it again. To scrunch myself up in that way probably activated the magical will and let me communicate with the entities.

So the message is pretty simple: people are too selfish today—people need to be less selfish. I think a sceptic would snort at that: “So you established contact with the immortal gods and their vital message was not the cure for cancer but that people should not be selfish—which is perfectly obvious to any idiot.” Well, that was the message—and, secondarily, are not people too selfish today and is it not very hard not to be selfish? And is not such a message—along with, for example, a condemnation of hypocrisy—common to all religions? And, perhaps, is it not reiterated because man is selfish—too selfish to see that there is another reality?

The other message I have related previously: when I went to Hartsfell, on the first occasion I saw the star-like supernatural entities, I found myself accompanied on the train by a group of Orthodox Jews—they changed trains with me, right through rural Scotland. For sure, there must be Jewish communities in Edinburgh and Glasgow, but it seemed unusual for them to be on such a remote branch line. Then, as related, while I had a vision of Christ crucified on a hill—his blood flowed down it in the evening sun—I found myself surrounded by the Orthodox children, who stared at me from all sides. It was rather uncanny.

I interpret this to mean that the Jews must accept Christ. I say “accept Christ” not “convert to Christianity” because there are so many interpretations as to what “Christianity” is now—which are largely unbelieved in a secular age, anyway—that I don’t think such a demand would be meaningful. Besides, I don’t think it’s productive to compel people to believe in a faith—the Spanish Inquisition route, forced conversion, just breeds resentment and clandestine continuation of the old faith. So I say the Jews should accept Christ, but how they do that is up to them—they can work that out for themselves.

So, thus far, I have received two messages from “the other side”: first, people today are too selfish to see that there is a supernatural realm or a spiritual reality—so people should be less selfish; second, the Jews should accept Christ.


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