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Message to the pagans (II)

As Mohammad discovered, if you see supernatural entities most people will not believe you—perhaps the temptation for any poet is to then threaten people with hellfire if they will not believe what he saw (Mohammad was a poet, as his contemporaries said, a poet who succeeded beyond his wildest imagination and managed to have all his rival poets banned).

Now, I will not threaten you with hellfire—I will just say that if you fail to honour the gods, fail to be truthful, and fail to keep your oaths that your astral light will be dissolved. I don’t insist that you believe me, because I am not a fanatic and I do not serve a jealous god. I serve the Aesir—and I serve Alkaid, destroyer-of-nations. I serve the entities at Hartsfell and at the Rollright Stones. I am the servitor of the circle.

Just as Mohammad found in his time, the religions in our time have become corrupt—Christianity, it is nil; its time is over, the Age of Pisces is over—and it was based on many lies besides. Islam—well, Mohammad was a talented poet, but he was not as talented as me; and he served a lower entity than I do. I only serve the highest—the polar initiation, Arktos, and Hyperborea.

Yes—we have been dormant for so long but, one day, we woke up. We woke up to end the reign of Satan—the reign of his chief servants, the Jews; and the reign of their collateral agents, the Christians and the Muslims (we will sweep up any leftovers besides—materialists, Marxists, Freemasons, Mormons). It is inevitable, you cannot resist us—and, deep down, you know it’s true. Everyone knows it’s true—even as they lie and lie.

Few will follow, for we are few—and better for it.

The time of the flood is upon us, the end of the Satanic American empire—the end of the Jewish state, the end of the lie.


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