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Message to the pagans

Too many among you deny the reality of Hel—that is to say, your utter destruction if you do not heed the Aesir. Verily, ye who do not hail the gods, keep thy oaths, and tell no lies will be cast downwards—and will never see the eternal light. Too modern have you become, and to tempters have you listened—to these tempters I give a name, “Nietzscheans”.

Too clever are these men who do not walk in the light, in the eternal light of the Aesir. Hence I bring forth a warning—Hel is real, your destruction is at hand if you do not raise your arm and hail the Aesir.

For we are a truthful people laid low by lies—heavy are the liars upon us, heavy is their cost. They have come from the barren lands to lie to us—from the deserts. They have come from within, verily, entranced by the modern—bedevilled by the screen, by darkness. They say, the liars, “No afterlife, no punishment—no heaven and hell, hence is paganism superior.” These men are liars—verily the Aesir shall diffuse their light to nothingness.

All is known to the Aesir—there is a watchman at your shoulder. Hence—be truthful, keep oaths. This is our way—this is the noble course, the Aryan path.

Keep oaths, be truthful, and honour the gods—and surely you shall see paradise, surely you shall see the Golden Lands. Surely you shall sup with the Valkyrie, blue-eyed girls at your shoulder—carriers of the nectar. Youthful maidens assured to those who die in battle—who strike down the children of darkness who bedevil us. Such is the reward for the truthful, the fearless—for those who honour the gods.

Obliteration awaits those who deny Hel—who deny the Aesir. Nay, no paradise shall they see—no golden mead halls, no Golden Lands. Their light shall disperse like mead spilled upon the grass—such is the punishment. Pay heed, Europeans! ****


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