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Mastic Irminsul

I started to chew mastic gum for the first time in years the other day.

This natural chewing gum comes from the island of Chios in Greece—it’s called “the tears of God” because it is gathered from mastic trees that “bleed” sap.

Although the mastic tree grows in many places, it is only in Chios that it bleeds—and only on the island’s eastern side, at that.

Hence mastic gum is valuable—and the villages that grow it (have grown it for 2,500 years) are fortified with no doors at street level, you have to go up a ladder to get in.

It’s where our word “masticate” comes from.

In a synchronistic event, today I read about The Dream of the Rood and its esoteric significance—an old Anglo-Saxon legend.

It’s about a tree—the “tree victorious” that extends up to heaven.

The poem runs:

“However, through the gold I could perceive

That wretched ones had battled there of old;

for on the right side once it had been bleeding...”

The “bleeding tree” is said to refer to the Aryan folk-god—this tree being the Yggdrasil or Irminsul.

Hence the tree is “the Krist”—not “Christ” as latter interpretations had it, but the folk-god that suffers and bleeds.

Mastic is also used in the Chrism in the Eastern Orthodox faith—the Krism.

The Gallows-Tree (rood) was cut down in order to hang a young hero who would free mankind—not Jesus Christ, but the hero-god “the Krist”, Ingwe (Ing or Ingland).

Hence “all creation will weep” for the son of Woden.

So this is the “Glory-Tree” upon which the Aryan Krist hangs—it is the resurrection of the hero; and he must remain there until “all creation weeps”, for Loki has prevented it.

The Krist shapes the world under the Hagal rune.

The mastic tree is said to represent the world tree, just like the Irminsul—hence I have had the blood of the world tree in my mouth.

In a further synchronicity, the Irminsul and the Aryan Krist are represented by the Rad rune (Rita, cosmic order) but its opposite is the Rat rune.

The rat is a parasite—“rat” means “to leave a falling house”, the rats cause collapse.

Woden is the seen as the god-hero who can slay the serpent that has “entered the house”, like a rat.

The house here refers to the soul.

My house has just been overrun with rats, and there were two rat bodies discomposing in the attic over my bed.

And perhaps this connects me to the hanged god because I have always had this fascination with hanging myself—perhaps what I wanted to do was not kill myself but hang myself as the Krist, as Ingwe.


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