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Luscious lesbians

Men want to have sex with as many women as possible—hence Solomon, who was a wise man, had 5,000 women (not to mention the demons he bound to build the Temple—just as Merlin bound demons to build Stonehenge). Since men want to have sex with as many women as possible, the threesome or ménage à trois is a popular male fantasy—since it appeals to the basic direction in masculine sexuality.

The threesome is marketed as “lesbians”, but it could also be described as “harem”—really, “lesbian” porn is POV threesome (so you don’t have to look at another man, it is the threesome from your perspective). The sexual fantasy varies somewhat—some people find the idea of “the voyeur” arouses them, as in when you watch two lesbians; for others, it’s the idea that they are actively involved that appeals.

In practical mechanical terms, the idea you might have sex with two women at once seems, to me anyway, to be less fun than it sounds—just given the practical limitation that you have only one penis. That might just show my inherent autism and literal conception as regards what sex is. From experience, I’ve only met one person who told me he had had a threesome—both women were ugly and he was a Jew. Take from this what you will.

Nevertheless, the appeal in the idea is that men want to mate with as many women as possible—hence the Muslims have up to four wives and the Mormons allowed polygamy (and would bring it back, if they could). Yet, as noted, why market this idea as “lesbian”? Why not “harem”? The harem or seraglio is as erotic—has the same associations, it’s even more “erotic” and “Orientalised” in the Western mind.

It’s because it was used to make male homosexuality more acceptable—especially, as Owen notes, in its mass form (in sitcoms, as a “common knowledge” joke). You can see this is so in the propaganda picture from the Ukraine below. It shows a girl with an LGBT top—so we presume she’s a lesbian. Yet a Western version might have two gay men with their little baby in a sling—and that’s a development made possible by the gay girl here.

Now, the other day some website said that there are “50,000” LGBT troops fighting in the Ukrainian army—a Ukrainian commenter popped up underneath the article and said, “I think Western media overestimated…by 50,000”. So the average Ukrainian is probably pretty “intolerant” as regards male homosexuality—to put it mildly. They are about where the West was in the late 1980s or mid-1990s as regards progressive beliefs, so they get the “luscious lesbians” treatment. If gay people appear they appear as lesbians—as someone once observed, lesbianism is more “light-hearted” than male homosexuality (no fissures in the anal canal that bleed and lead to chronic haemorrhoids).

So you can present “gay” so as to mean “really cute girl” kissing another girl. Besides, when women do or say things it just isn’t taken seriously—women don’t read as a threat. In fact, almost anything women do is treated, at base, as a “joke” or not serious.

Of course, actual lesbians are either deeply unattractive masculinised women (aka dykes)—or, in the minority, “lipstick lesbians” who are likely to be highly narcissistic women who do it for attention (and these are the ones who appear in pornography). Besides, females are labile in all dimensions, so you can hypnotise women to do almost anything.

In contrast, male homosexuality has always carried negative connotations—for example, when Caesar marched into Rome soldiers at the back of the column who were dissatisfied shouted “Caesar takes it up the arse!”. This was a reference to a rumour that Caesar had homosexual love affairs. So male homosexuality always carried negative associations—even in the classical world.

It is true that the classical world didn’t have the concept of sin in the Christian sense, and hence didn’t regard homosexuality as some absolute and total abomination; but it wasn’t seen as positive—and the idea that the classical world was pro-homosexual has been created by using sources from when the classical world was decadent, as the West is decadent today, and then saying “it was normal, everyone did it then and it was fine”.

So “luscious lesbians” is just a strategy to make you think “soft fluffy lesbian” when I say “gay”—and so you’ll think “gay is harmless”. Gay men advance beneath a shield wall of lipstick lesbians. However, it has served its purpose in the West and so has now been left behind.


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