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Liberals (II)

Remember that the happiness of his humble home, remember that the sanctity of life in the hill villages of Afghanistan among the winter snows, is as inviolable in the eye of Almighty God as can be your own. Remember that He who has united you together as human beings in the same flesh and blood, has bound you by the law of mutual love; that that mutual love is not limited by the shores of this island, is not limited by the boundaries of Christian civilisation; that it passes over the whole surface of the earth, and embraces the meanest along with the greatest in its unmeasured scope.

Gladstone said that in 1879, as regards British intervention in Afghanistan. The speech itself is called ‘Remember the Rights of the Savage’—and, of course, contemporary “Gladstonians”, liberals, would be rather distressed to see that the “Grand Old Man” said such a word as “savage”.

Tories are for king, blood, and tradition whereas the left is for a belief—often a belief that denies reality—that protects their neurotic core from disturbance, or that preens their narcissism. We see that here right back to the Liberals under Gladstone. Britain needed to occupy Afghanistan to deny the territory to Russia, so that Russia didn’t have a platform with which to attack British India—but to this realistic proposal, Gladstone objects.

However, Gladstone was perfectly happy, back in 1876, to demand that the Ottoman Turks be driven “bag and baggage” from their territory because they had massacred Bulgarians. This was at a time when the British government realistically had to cooperate with Turkey to reduce Russia’s power.

So Gladstone wasn’t against force as such—he just wanted force to be used for “moral” ends only; very much like his later successor, the Obamaian demi-plenipotentiary, Samantha Power, Gladstone wanted “humanitarian intervention” in Turkey.

But he couldn’t abide the use of force just to enhance or protect British interests.

You notice in Gladstone how Christianity is ultimately the same as Marxism—we are “just the same” as some Afghan peasant, because “Christian love” extends across the globe; and it even extends to the Afghan peasant with his tribal feuds and his Allah, god of war.

It’s totally naïve—it’s sweet words and sweet rhetoric for a sentimental Christian audience. The little wog babes—’cor it makes me heart fair to burst (or however the Victorian audience responded to Gladstone).

The left is composed from neurotic, narcissistic, and agreeable people who protect themselves from reality with ideas like “universal brotherhood”—hence yesterday’s noble protest for “the rights of the savage” becomes today’s upsetting example of “the white supremacy inherent in liberalism”.

Gladstone is not against force as such—it’s just force has to be used for an idea, so it has to be used to save Christian Bulgarians from Muslim Turks; yet it can’t be used against the Muslim Afghans—in fact, force can be used for anything except to promote the interests of the British people (to protect your own interests is “immoral”, “Satanic”).

This de facto treachery is facilitated by ideas which tell you to pursue some abstract principle like “universal love” or “proletarian solidarity”, not concrete interests.

It’s the conflict between ideas and reality—between the aristocrat and the preacher, and between the character types who hold those positions.


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