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Let them eat cake—or, the Tinkzorg factor


In an article for Compact magazine entitled ‘France’s bread riots’, Malcolm Kyeyune, aka “Tinkzorg”, outlines a few possible factors involved in the recent French riots—he considers the role played by Islam, for example. Yet he rejects these possible issues and concludes:

“These issues are no doubt relevant here, but beneath the surface lurks something even more frightening that has barely been discussed: a cost-of-living crisis more severe than most of us have seen in our lifetimes.”

Here is something “even more frightening that has barely been discussed”—race war. I don’t know about you, but that frightens me…even a race riot frightens me (which was what the French riots were about—because a Frenchman killed one of “our boys”, so we will fuck up the French, ça va?). This issue has been “barely discussed” because it is taboo; even the French radical right journalist Guillaume Faye waited until he was about to die from cancer to publish his book about Europe’s future —A Racial Civil War (2019).

So even people who are “Nazis” will wait until they’re on their literal deathbeds to publish the truth—and, indeed, the Anglosphere is so sensitive to the issue that the book had to be retitled, even by the radical right publisher Arktos, Ethnic Apocalypse: Europe’s Coming Civil War; notice how it is attenuated to “ethnic”, a cultural category, and how the presentation in the passive voice suggests it is a negative event “apocalypse” we wish to avoid through liberal amelioration (although that might be because it would be illegal to publish a book with that title in Britain—so it is attenuated so as to suggest it describes an event we can avoid).

To understand what might frighten you about “race riots” and “racial civil war”, just watch clips from the war in the Ukraine (a war that is arguably more ethnic than racial, though I’m not familiar enough with the biological traits of Russians and Ukrainians to tell—anyway, it’s close enough). Well, what do you see in those clips? Men taken prisoner shot in the leg for no reason, just for “the lolz”; men sledgehammered to death; men with gaffer tape wrapped round their eyes beaten by their captors—and that’s a limited selection.

It’s all…not very nice. It’s not shown on the main news shows, superintended by people like Tinkzorg, because it upsets people. Indeed, Tinkzorg is himself upset by the French riots—by the “unpleasantness”. It has not escaped my notice that Tinkzorg is obese—so his article ‘France’s bread riots’ takes the food angle, for Tinkzorg it must be about an uneven distribution of chocolate eclairs and the limited availability of choux pastries. He is solipsistic, so he relates it to being about him—what worries him? Not enough food.

Tinkzorg is intelligent—we know that because of the job he has. When an intelligent person is fat it means they are friendly—they are jolly. They are the jolly fat man, like GK Chesterton, Friar Tuck, and Santa Claus. If a person is stupid and fat, it’s because they don’t have the effortful control to stop eating—intelligence is linked to self-control.

So Tinkzorg is a nice guy, he’s a friendly guy, he wants everyone to eat chocolate eclairs and have an IPA together and just “get on”. Tinkzorg wouldn’t riot if a policeman shot his best friend because he’s too nice and would just like everyone to tuck into a big meal together (“Can’t we all just get along?”)—besides, a riot involves physical exertion, and that’s not his scene.

As with all jolly friendly fat people, Tinkzorg feels negative emotions strongly. He has high negative affect, as the psychologists say. So to think about a “racial civil war” makes him very distressed—it’s horrible, just horrible. He can’t comprehend taking some men prisoner and just shooting them in the leg for no reason (If you feel angry, why not eat some food? That will dampen the anger down, no need to hurt anyone). So he can’t face it.


Tinkzorg is also mixed-race and because he doesn’t seem like he’s from the slums (of Sweden, relative slums) I bet both his parents are above average intelligence and, like all intelligent people, have high openness to experience. So they like novel things—like sexual partners from another race, because novel things interest them (just like non-standard explanations for a race riot—“Let’s think about it another way,” says the professor at university, not because that’s how the world is but because intelligent people like to work the problem from different angles like a “thought experiment”—otherwise they get bored, the obvious is boring).

So Tinkzorg’s parents are probably super-nice people, like Tinkzorg himself—they’re really open to new ideas, new cultures, new people etc. It makes them feel upset and distressed if people are “mean”—even to say, “Don’t eat any more cookies, Tinkzorg, it’s bad for you,” seems a bit mean to them, so they don’t say it. Also, to judge by his surname, Kyeyune’s father is black—so his mother probably had above average narcissism (“Look at me! I have a black boyfriend, I’m different—everyone is talking about me, my dad is mortified, but he won’t say, because he’s too nice and too good, and all my friends talk about me!”). Tinkzorg is a journalist, a narcissistic job—narcissists are detached from reality.

So when Tinkzorg sees a race riot he gets very upset, he feels very bad emotions—he must push them away (with a narcissistic self-involved storyline). Perhaps…perhaps it’s about…food…yes food is the main thing in life…food is very important. Further, the term “race riot” goes right to his core—it’s existential. He’s mixed-race, so he doesn’t belong on either side—that makes him feel terrible, if it’s racial then he’ll never belong to either side. As a friendly chap, he can’t stand it—he pushes it away with reaction formation. Socio-economic factors, he chants to himself, socio-economic factors.

Of course, he does belong to a side. His dad is black and his mum is white—so the black tribe claimed the white woman; just like when a white man sleeps with an Asian woman she belongs to the whites now. That’s how it works, like with the Yanomami in Brazil—your tribe has a fight with the neighbouring tribe and abducts a few of their women, after you’ve raped them, they belong to your tribe. They’re your chattel now. The process works just the same underneath in our societies but it’s painted over by modernity—civilisation being based on persuasion (the illusion of).

“Are you in the 40%, anon? Because if not, you’re not getting laid.”

The biological explanation is that European women—like all women—had their breeding controlled by men for almost all of history and so retain a sexual attraction to “primitive” features; basically, women are actually sexually attracted to gorillas at base, or primitive ape-like man anyway; and to the concomitant dark skin associated with lower man (check the science, it works out). European men, by contrast, are attracted to more neotenous and refined features—such as those found in Far East Asians.

It reflects the fact that women are, in essence, chattel, whereas men make independent breeding decisions not based on pure physical power; hence “every woman adores a fascist, the boot in the face,” and the evolutionary evidence supports this conclusion—it’s fundamental, women want killers.

However, anyone who breeds with out-group, as opposed to just experiencing attraction in some dimension, is likely to be “off” in some other way—European men who go with Asian women tend to also want to have sex with children (total neoteny—the Gary Glitter factor), European women who sleep with blacks are either narcissists who want attention or very ugly.

In psychological terms, European men who go with Far East Asians hate their mothers and European women who go with blacks hate their fathers—because your child is an image of you, if your child selects a mate that is nothing like you they want to say “fuck you mum, I hate you—your grandchildren will look nothing like you”; or, if it’s dad, it’s a challenge to him from his daughter—will he punish me for being naughty?

Basically, anyone who breeds with out-group, whether a European man with an Asian woman or a European woman with a black man, has gone against nature and nature always punishes deviation in the end (consider that little darling of non-belonging and narcissism, Elliot Rodger).

Still, even if Tinkzorg is “with the blacks”, nobody will ever trust him—just like no one would ever really trust Rodger (with good reason). Tinkzorg might be black as a courtesy, like Rodger was white as a courtesy—the male claimed ownership of their respective mothers; but the pure breeds on either side will never really trust them and they will never ever really belong—anywhere.


Phew, that’s all a bit brutal—I could do with a chocolate eclair (with double whipped cream). Well, yes—it is brutal and nasty but that’s how it is. Magazines like Compact will never tell you that because these constitute journalism—and journalism is the enemy, even if it calls itself “rightist”, “dissident”, or “religious”. Journalism is industrialised gossip—it’s the equivalent to the palace gossip around Nero.

It’s feminine because gossip is feminine, because the media flirts with you—because it has to be novel, because it has to “maintain interest”, it has to say things, like a woman, that seem stupid or defy common sense. Mostly, there is no news—so the news is created; it’s all a lot of fuss about nothing to make people feel important and excited.

Yet, as with fizzy sweets and Coca-Cola, the temporary buzz leaves you empty and ready for more almost at once—you read a clever article that says the riots in France are about “bread prices”, but somehow it doesn’t satisfy…it’s like there’s something more substantial, more real that you’re missing…you click through more articles (but the “good black bread” is already inside you—you know the answer already, inside, and the journalism is just there to help you pretend the awful truth isn’t real).

You’ve probably read articles and become angry and thought “how can they say such bloody stupid things, it’s obviously not that”—however, that’s the point; keep you reading, keep you hooked, keep you angry. So you take an obvious race riot and you say, “Heh, you might have thought it was about race—but actually it’s about baguette prices.”

For those people who live in reality this will make them angry—they’ll talk about it, they’ll complain about it, more clicks will be generated. For intelligent narcissists, like Tinkzorg, who find reality “a bit too cruel” it’s a chance to swirl your cocktail—or whatever thing is in at the moment, toke from your vape perhaps—and say, “But, of course, have you considered the influence of baguette prices on the riots? It’s an overlooked topic, but a stochastic analysis at MIT [he read the press release] has revealed that baguette prices are a key factor in the riots…”.

You feel clever, you preen yourself—you pick up your glossy copy of Monocle magazine, you flick through Most Artisanal Cities 2023, perhaps you’ll go to Karabajan this year. You’re open to new cultures, new experiences, new lovers…

Journalists live up to their stereotype: lazy, narcissistic, untrustworthy, alcoholic (because reality starved, lies and drink go together), trivial, bitchy, cowardly, mob-orientated. Words not associated with journalism: courage.

You will no more get courageous articles from Compact than you would get from Teen Vogue, because journalism is industrial gossip—it’s trivia, it’s “the popular clique” at school. It’s about being “respectable”—it’s about going with the mob, about flirtation with the mob. It’s about being a flirtatious woman who says silly things just to get you to pay attention—“How can she say these things, she’s not stupid?”. No Tinkzorg isn’t stupid, but he is an agreeable narcissist—he has his delusion to protect himself from pain and growth, just like a woman has her delusions.

“Another hard-hitting issue that only deals in painful home truths”

He says he’s a Marxist because Marxists say all men are brothers and everything can be reduced to material explanations—which can be solved through the ever-expanding use of material science and technology; hence everything is malleable—people can change sexes and being mixed-race is no big deal. In this way, he can protect himself from negative affect from his mixed-race status, from the shame that comes from the fact he gorges on food.

As a narcissist, the journalist, “the Tinkzorg”, thinks, “Didn’t some French queen or someone say ‘let them eat cake’ when there wasn’t enough bread? So it would look clever if I made this about bread—because this is like 1789 but in a literal way, right?”. It looks clever, so they think (sort of historical, you know a fact about history)—of course, the last thing we lack in Europe in 2023 is bread; in fact, if anything, we’re drowning in cake, in Krispy Kreme doughnuts—there’s cake today and cake tomorrow, for everyone; and still nobody is satisfied…because man is never satisfied, either with bread or cake.

Here’s a quote that defeats all leftist ideas, “Man does not live by bread alone.” No, man lives by dreams, by honour, by courage, by blood—by spirit. The left, even in its religious iterations in the English Civil War, with the Diggers taking over the land, reduced it all to material needs—if the land were shared the earth would be “a common treasury for all”. Yet who has the dream and the vision to work the land? Not all men.

Against journalism we pit—war, art, religion; and these all amount to the same phenomenon, with art being a means by which to harmonise ourselves with the higher powers. The commonality is reality—not narcissistic fantasy generated to get yourself attention, to make yourself feel important and different, to protect yourself from emotional pain.

As Thomas de Quincey put it in his Confessions of an English Opium-Eater:

“But my way of writing is rather to think aloud, and follow my own humours, than much to consider who is listening to me; and, if I stop to consider what is proper to be said to this or that person, I shall soon come to doubt whether any part at all is proper.”

What does that require? Courage—because, contra the journalist, you don’t sit there thinking “how will that go down?” or “how will that play with a key audience?” or “can I get away with that?”. In other words, you don’t try to protect your own image or the image you sell to other people—and that’s why it’s art, it’s reality.


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