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Let it all out

I’m not resentful—you project onto me.

You want to use Christianity to control people

To punish them

To sneer at them

To degrade them

To make them have children, to make more soldiers to die in your pointless wars

To run your eugenics experiments on them

To worship that cunt Darwin

(your true God)

You shit on the face of Christ

Like Peterson

Christ was about love, Buddha was about love, Muhammad was about love

It means acceptance without condition

Don’t put your shit on me

Don’t put your manacles on me

You hate men like CG Jung and RD Laing, because they have what you don’t have


You constipated shit

You can’t fuck

You can’t love

Now stick it up your miserable arsehole

Let this Bible be an enema

That lets the shit out.


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