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Labyrinths (II)

The other day, via synchronicity, I came across a video, posted below, that showed various entities manifesting at the Rollright Stones—just like the ones I saw on my visit. This was synchronicity because I wasn’t searching YouTube for that exactly, and the video is fairly obscure (over a decade old but with few hits).

The group that filmed the footage call themselves “Twisted Grail State”—and the footage in the title video shows them running a labyrinth. Now, as Guénon observed, the labyrinth is "a symbol of the cosmos"—it’s an initiatory rite that goes back to the Minotaur and beyond, and is found in Chartres Cathedral (the one above follows a similar pattern).

“Troytown” mazes in Britain—the esoteric significance of the “city of Troy”

As you can see from the title video, there is a manifestation on the girl from the astral realm because she runs the maze. I’ve seen similar forms on a video from Brentford, where I used to live, produced by 5ociety (who did some good work looking into Jimmy Savile’s magical capacities—perhaps “5” refers to the number of the Druids).

And I’ve also seen a similar entity on a picture I took outside Warwick Castle—it wasn’t there when I took it, but it was there when I looked at the photo. It was just after I invoked Miguel Serrano, so I presume he dropped in on me from the astral plane.

As you can see, the “other side”—the astral realm—is quite real, and can even be recorded. I have some reservations about this group because they call themselves “Twisted Grail State”—and that shows a desire to invert a holy symbol, the Grail (to twist it). However, they have some interesting things to say about how Alex Jones is controlled opposition and about the Jewish family that runs Canada and that is behind the NXIVM sex cult.

It seems to me that, since the West is under the total control of Satan, it might have to be wiped out—especially America—and probably by a comet strike.

Well, anyway, the gods are real—as are the fairies, goblins, and sprites; and so is the Godhead. *


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