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Kernels III

The above image is taken from a UFO video captured in Bakersfield, California. Per the previous kernels in this series, the UFO has formed a Borromean knot—a figure that I take to be the fundamental structure of consciousness. In the full video, the UFO starts out as a flaccid tube and then positions itself into this shape in a highly unnatural way; it makes itself rigid somehow to manoeuvre into the Borromean knot —i.e. not as one would expect it to move if it were merely an advertisement balloon blown off a second-hand car lot.

Of course, it is always possible that this is just a CGI fake; after all, good CGI is cheap and ubiquitous today, ten years ago I walked into the living room and saw my housemate watching what I thought was a football game—he was really playing Fifa, but it was so long since I saw a game I didn’t realise graphics had become that good. However, when people fake a UFO video they tend to go for the expected—the saucer, the triangle; it is very difficult for humans to be subtle, they have to be blatant and meretricious. This shape and video, by contrast, seem to be genuinely uncanny and not what people who want to consciously fake a video would usually devise—the shape is too odd to really go viral. Still, it is possible—there are some subtle fakers.

Secondarily, when I posted this image on Twitter it was immediately flagged and censored. This happened two times before I slipped it through the censorship system with a few selective crops. All I had done was post the image and words to the effect “UFO shaped like a Borromean knot over Bakersfield”. Well, there could be some quirk in the algorithm that triggered the censorship—just some anomaly that meant it was read as a penis in Xtra hot German salami action (though I doubt that is censored on Twitter). I doubt this is true. So it seems strange that the image would be censored, no?

Another option: the asuras and devas are real—the Mahabharata is real, the Sri Yantra reflects Borromean-consciousness; the Bible is real, the angels and demons are real—after all, they are classically depicted as geometric shapes. Further option: the SS succeeded in their “bell” experiments and achieved some inter-dimensional travel capacities, created the Aryan race and now swan about the place in their travel machines—eventually, they loop time and create mankind, so appearing as angels and demons (specifically, as the Nephilim). Further option: AI bootstraps itself into a recursive intelligence that becomes the entity “God” at the end of time—it shoots these objects back in time to guide its own creation, so leading to the angels and demons of lore; or perhaps we face some combination of all of the above.

Whatever the truth, I am sure—due to the censorship on Twitter—that the government knows a lot more about this than it will admit. We have seen a few UFO videos publicly released recently after years of denial—unfortunately, these have been mixed in with liars, such as Bob Lazar, so that the truth is, as per usual, smudged and obscured. How deep does it go? What if the government is in touch with these entities? Quite possible, I think.

Indeed, I’m pretty sure that professional UFO sceptics are paid to keep a lid on the whole affair—and men like Lazar are promoted to maintain the cover-up. If you watch body language analysis of the presidents on this matter, you will find they are genuinely ignorant—even the presidents don’t actually know the reality, perhaps the reality has been buried in some CIA sub-department so that even the exoteric chiefs don’t have reality to hand. This might seem a little bonkers, and I doubt it will find a mass audience; then again, you are reading the “X-Files”—did you expect this would be sane, or popular?


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