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Kate Middleton and the AntiChrist

As noted, the AntiChrist is a system—but I had some synchronicity around Kate Middleton specifically, as an epicentre for the AntiChrist system itself.

Here we see her in a dress back in 2018 that matches Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby (1968)—a film in which she gives birth to the AntiChrist.

In that film, in the last scene, Farrow gropes her way down a corridor in which there is a mural of a cathedral burning—I take that to be Notre-Dame, it was synchronistic.

I said earlier today that Kate has given birth to “a little rat”—I speculated that might have happened right now, hence her disappearance into hospital.

But perhaps Prince Louis—born in 2018—is “the little rat”; he is a spoilt brat and he pulled that peculiar non-standard (profane) mudra in that photograph I noted a while back.

Perhaps, in a scene not unlike Damian in The Omen (1976), he tried to murder his mother—perhaps that’s what is being covered up.

Charles has cancer—perhaps the way is being cleared for Louis, the prince of darkness, to take the throne.

I presume he was named after his relative Louis Mountbatten (Mountbottom), who was a notorious bugger among other things—certainly up to no good.

Look at this picture where Kate models Diana…but their hat-pins are not the same.

Diana has the horns of the Markhor—it’s Pakistan’s national animal, the goat.

It’s said to eat snakes—so it’s the “good goat”, if we take the snake in its malefic aspect.

Whatever the Markhor’s significance, Kate’s goat is less goat than non-earthly animal—it looks demonic to me, not unlike a grey alien (really some spirit that Crowley was in contact with which claimed to be a Tibetan lama).

I would add, in another act of synchronicity, that the skinhead in the photo with Kate looks the other way—so the skinheads, such as myself, were distracted at that moment.

Well, it looks like an AntiChrist goat to me—so I think Kate Middleton is pivotal to the system of the AntiChrist.


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