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Joseph Biden (Scorpio)

Updated: Sep 3, 2023


The above video depicts the American president engaged in what is described in vernacular English as “copping a feel” (of his granddaughter, no less). Well, I have to admit, I’m getting a bit paranoid these days—I did think, “Is it AI generated? (because I haven’t trained my brain like you young whippersnappers to notice these things all at once)...I don’t think it is, and, even if it is, there are plenty of videos like it…

Anyway, Joseph Biden is a Scorpio—and what do we know about Scorpio, children? Scorpio is sex, sex, sex, sex, death. The Scorpio in its positive aspect is “the entertainer”—the comedian with his entourage. In its negative aspect it’s “the gangster”—with his dumb-dumb hoodlum associates.

The Scorpio likes to surround himself with people who are less intelligent than him—his “goon squad”. They provide the admiration, but he also likes to dominate them (it’s his “hobby”)—and woe betide if they step out of line, because the Scorpio is vindictive and he will give you a nasty pinch (at night, under the sheets, when you don’t expect it).

It’s the supervillain archetype—the evil genius with his henchmen (and, indeed, the ancient astrologers associated the sign with genius). It’s why The Simpsons created a parody Bond villain called “Scorpio” (he lures you in with an excellent pension scheme and three weeks’ paid vacation a year—but before you know it you’re building a rocket to steal America’s reconnaissance satellites and hold them to ransom for…one million dollars).

So…Joe Biden and the child sniffing, should we be worried? Basically, yes. Because you know who else was Scorpio? Yes, that’s right, as detailed about a week ago, none other than Jimmy Savile…notorious sex predator, if not Britain’s champion sex predator…

Now, Biden doesn’t have such a nasty natal chart as Savile—he had straight out predictions of sexual violence in his Lilith. There’s nothing like that in Biden’s chart. However, Biden is the dark Scorpio archetype; he’s no entertainer with his entourage (who can get a bit bitchy)—no, Biden is the gangster archetype, the dark Scorpio (which is obvious, if you look at how he runs his “family”). The Scorpio needs a tight circle around him, of lower intellectual calibre—Biden found it in his family.

Even so, we should be worried about Biden—supposedly marked as “Pedo Peter” in Hunter Biden’s phone—because the Scorpio is all about sex (and death); it’s the sign of the chthonic mysteries—we know he likes to get close into kids, we know there’s chatter about him in this regard. We know he’s a Scorpio (ideal occupations: butcher, surgeon, gangster). So when he dies, we might be in for a “Savile-like” set of “surprise” revelations…


Lilith is the most useful point in the natal chart, being imaginary—in Biden’s chart we find Lilith in Cancer. This means he has an intense interest in his origins and homeland—in his ancestors and their sacred places. Sure enough, as noted, Biden has a difficult relation with Britain. When the BBC asked him for a comment when he was elected he refused to comment because it was the BBC; he also made a comment, when he visited Ireland, about “keeping an eye on the British”.

So Biden sees himself as Irish, not American—and he has the spiteful scorpion’s attitude to Britain. This combines with the fact Biden has Mercury in Scorpio—these people do not seek reconciliation and look for revenge. It’s an alignment associated with politics and psychology. Combined with Biden’s Scorpio, it points to a man who is hard, vengeful, and spiteful.

This alignment is also connected with “fear of the castrating mother”—and, sure enough, Biden’s mother (deceased in 2010) was at his side throughout his career and was described as “formidable” (she was also fanatically anti-English, refusing even to stay in the country one night). Biden has remained dominated by her his whole life—even echoing her thoughts late into his senility (in fact, she came to live with him in 2002).

Further, this alignment also suggests a preoccupation with death and thoughts of death—and there have been many deaths (notably of a son) in Biden’s family circle.


Biden has Sagittarius Ascendant, this means that his basic orientation is divided between noble goals and an earthy animalistic instinct—I think this comes out well enough in his politics, he has ideals of social reform as a Democrat but he also likes to sniff kids. The Scorpio is a day-night sign anyway; and the Sagittarius Ascendant—which relates to his “persona” or public mask—shows that Biden is always split, more than most, between the desire to rut and the desire to ennoble the world.

He has Jupiter as the ruler of the Ascendant—these are conformist people, they don’t take social risks; and they don’t face opposition when they suggest things—they enjoy popularity and favouritism. They often become judges or professors—then to find their power increases towards the end of their life. This fits in with Biden’s basically humdrum political career where he has steadily risen and has managed to push proposals through Congress.

He has Jupiter in the 8th House—that means he has an interest in death, secrets, capital, money, and that he has enhanced occult influence. He’s someone with a talent for money, especially money that belongs to other people; and he also has a talent to make money from things other people might think wouldn’t turn a profit.

Is he corrupt, though? Well, he has Pluto in the 8th House—that means a sharp thinker who knows how to handle money; and it will bring them financial influence. However, these people tend to be “violent or inconsiderate” when they want to achieve their goals. He also has Moon in Taurus—these people tend to lack self-respect and often find it in material interests.

Further, he has his Moon in the 5th House—these people trust easily and are often given bad advice in financial and other risky matters (not reassuring now he’s president). They also tend to stay in unsuitable personal relationships. This type keeps their children on a short leash and has a very strong emotional relationship with their children—you can see how this is so with Biden and Hunter (especially if you read their texts).

If we put this together, Biden has made his money in areas other people wouldn’t expect—and he has been ruthless in its pursuit; he has probably been badly advised and has also stayed in some dodgy relationships he should have terminated. He has a strong emotional relationship with his children, and he involves them in his business deals. We already know he’s a Scorpio—the cold gangster archetype—and we also know he has a propensity toward being violent or inconsiderate with money (from which he derives his self-respect). So are the accusations of corruption true? From the chart, I’d say it’s very likely.


Other aspects to Biden’s chart point to the way he became VP and has generally been a “background” person over his career—he has his Sun in the 12th House; and these are people who are not recognised for their efforts but don’t mind that. They prefer to be in the background and are quite modest. Well, in fairness to Biden, since he gets a lot of stick, he isn’t bombastic—I don’t find him to be an arrogant person. He is happiest and most successful behind the scenes—working a bill through Congress, for example.

Further, Biden has Uranus in Gemini—these people like radical change but tend to be fickle. They are known to bring chaos, especially to teaching. Biden also has Uranus in the 6th House—a tendency to inaccuracy at work, and also to mental exhaustion. They don’t get along with their boss (as Biden didn’t with Obama). This all seems to fit in with Biden’s gaffe-prone presidency—which has been accentuated by his senility, but also represents an extant tendency within him that goes way back.


Overall, I’ve concentrated on the most prominent issues around Biden—but another intriguing feature is that he has Neptune in the 10th House “these people are often not who they appear to be and the way they act may contradict their true personality“. Secrets may yet to be revealed.

The chart points to what Biden has been: a successful man who works behind the scenes and has steadily risen—not really fitted to lead, but plumped there by accident. He has other alignments that point to his career as a politician—though always in the background.

As a Scorpio, he leads a tight-knit “crime family”—he derives self-respect from money, has an emotional relationship with the family. He has a dichotomy within himself between lofty ideals and an earthy nature—other elements in his chart suggest a strong sex drive and that he is sexually adept. So, mixed with the other indications, it would be extraordinary if there aren’t some revelations about his sex life—probably after he dies, because Scorpios are often very good at being burrowed away.

Given his “Oedipal” relationship with his mother and the chart’s indication that he will micromanage his own children and feel very attached to them, the overall vibe is incestuous—which is what the public, the public hostile to him, seems to think. How far that is literal or figurative is what we don’t know at the moment.

At heart, he’s an Irishman—should probably have emigrated back to Ireland. He’s not a pleasant person—he’s hard, he’s the gangster type. However, I don’t see any indications, as with Savile, that he’s exceptionally evil—though he is the ruthless type. Basically, America is a run by a mild gangster with some sex perversions and a tendency towards incompetence and corruption. You might joke and say “so, what’s new?” but that’s to be facetious—Biden is not the type of man you want running your country; and there’s a more than outside chance that, when he dies, we’ll find out things about him that are in the same line as Jimmy Savile but just that bit milder.


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