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Jordan Neely (shaman)

Jordan Neely was a white man. It stands to reason: he was a Michael Jackson impersonator—and Michael Jackson was the most famous white man of the late 20th century. Neely has been described as “schizo”—hence his peculiar outbursts—but he was also a spontaneous shaman (the schizo and the shaman are synonymous—I once had a bald schizo read my mind at a cafe; they have the power but they don’t know why and it frightens them).

The shaman lives in the mask-mirror world: Jackson put on the white mask—he was a shaman; and Neely put on the Jackson mask—the mask of a mask. Totally schizo. You become the mask, you become the god—theriomorphic, Michael Jackson was white. As with many schizophrenics, it sounds like Neely went downhill—or had a regressive patch “off his meds” (which he was never on, I suspect)—and in this downhill period he was killed (from reports, it sounds like he hadn’t been earning a crust by playing at Jackson in subway stations for some time).

You can tell he isn’t a threat when you look at his face—this isn’t big bully boy George Floyd (Pretty Boy Floyd, named like a boxer or a gangster). Neely is lithe, he has a broad grin—was he gay (like Jackson)? The gay smile. How many “dangerous” Michael Jackson impersonators have you ever met? Dangerous dancing, dirty dancing—*wake up* (by which I mean, not all black men are the same—even if you can generalise about them, just like Jews and whites).

So Neely’s outburst was unlikely to be literally about food and water—it was probably symbolic. He asked people to “feed him”, apparently—feed him what? Manna—magic bread. Also, in an odd detail to note, the Hispanic journalist who *just happened* to be on the scene to record it all said Neely “threw down a black jacket” before the Marine, in true jungle warfare style, stalked him like a panther and then enveloped him from behind (in a fatal choke-hold). What does the black jacket mean? Why did he throw it down like a matador? Why does Vazquez go to such lengths to say it was black?

What about the Marine? He’s young, much younger than Neely, and probably too young to have been traumatised by war *flashbacks*. The likelihood is that his training clicked in. I spoke to a Marine once (non-US, same difference) and I said, “So you can turn the ability to attack off at will?” and he said, “No, they wind you up and when you go…you go.” So the Marine on the subway…went. I think his training clicked in when he saw a threat (perceived) and the training is automatic.

He held Neely for about 15 minutes, they say—with two other large dudes next to him (and some woman dancing around chanting, “Nigger, nigger, nigger—if you behave like a nigger, an automatic nigger”). I think Automatic Nigger would be a great movie title—but, for various reasons, we’ll never see it up in lights at the Prince Charles. To continue, the Marine just snapped into the training routine and he killed him—automatic response (they wind you up…).

You don’t even have to think about it, let alone see—let alone perceive that this thin white duke is outnumbered by three beefy dudes and some crazed black woman (I presume, from the accent) chanting “nigger, nigger, nigger…you behave like a nigger…automatic nigger” as she performs a tribal dance around the body like some primal scene or out-take from Apocalypse Now.

<<She the white man’s bitch now—now they kill her man; he better not act like nigger, he better act white—or we choke you dead>>

Neely was arrested for 44 crimes—all minor, the standard harassment schizos face from the norms. 44 is an esoteric number—Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44bn and people go on and on about it (they don’t know why, but I do). I found out about Neely’s esoteric crimes (shamanic) from a MAGA Twitter account that described itself as DepLaurAble—she’s into network analysis and always wears rose-tinted glasses (mine are blue, purely Aryan). In other words, she’s a troubadour—a Grail maiden, she’s into puns. “Erm, are you schizo yourself?”. No, I’m a totally normal person—just like you.

So this is murder—shaman murder, just like Christ. New York will be punished—but not by BLM, because BLM is bullshit. BLM burns when it’s politically expedient—the blacks are just pawns for them, a way to manipulate neurotic white men and women to make them feel guilty and do what the system wants. BLM victims: mainly black people—own nest, soiled; and then when the police withdraw it’s open season (black-on-black). BLM doesn’t care about shamans—already, I see the Marxists laying down materialist explanations for Neely: “He said he wanted bread.” He wanted manna—he was a smooth criminal.


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