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Jimmy Savile (Scorpio)

Updated: Aug 26, 2023


Scorpio is sex, sex, sex, sex—and death. This is the sex sign—it’s about return to the primitive roots, where sex and death meet. The Scorpio, although they often don’t know it, wants to return to the primal position, to sink into the chthonic underworld—in fact, Savile had a special grave designed where he himself was standing up (he thought about how he would penetrate the ground, go to his scorpion burrow).

The Scorpio is exactly like a scorpion—they’re a toughly armoured creature that carries a vicious sting and nasty pincers; they like to hide in crevices and come out at night. The Scorpio can be deliberately cruel. Ideal professions for a Scorpio: surgeon, soldier, butcher, undertaker, occultist, spiritual healer, detective, gangster, or mystic (of the ice-blue eyes variety)—the Christians used to liken Judas to Scorpio in the zodiac. These people are cold, hard, and ruthless—cruel and nasty. They like secrets and are masters of the underworld. Indeed, the sign is governed by Pluto—god of transformation and death, god of the underworld.

This fascination with sex is about the urge to be locked as one with another—sex and death are connected; for a Scorpio, it’s a personal problem—the “little death” the French speak of, the orgasm, is what they’re after. You die and are reborn in the orgasm—death and transformation, that’s Scorpio. When you do that you become more than yourself, and as you do it you uncover life’s mysteries—these people are intense and powerful. As it happens, the way the Scorpio straddles sex and death means they are about the communion of all men—because everyone is born, and everyone dies. Selah.

This is why Savile was such a powerful wizard—with his Scottish lodge, just like Crowley. I’ve covered this elsewhere but he was a total wizard—with links to various serial killers, not only insofar as he had access to various psychiatric hospitals that contained them but in that a victim of the Yorkshire Ripper (whom he later met) was found near his flat…Seventh son of a seventh son you know…sex and death, the chthonic mysteries (rituals in the basement of Stoke Mandeville Hospital—steady on! No, I’m not kidding…it’s all real).a


Look, it gets worse because Savile was not just “a Scorpio” he was “the Scorpio”—we don’t have Savile’s birth time but an astrologer “rectified” his chart, used his knowledge and intuition to work out what time he was born, and here is the result that the book produces for Savile’s position of Lilith in Scorpio: “Dedication or Hell—there is no other choice; danger from the depths.”

People with this positioning must immerse themselves in the dark depths—this position is associated with power and violence, it indicates masochism and self-injury (people with this position sometimes injure their genitals—and Savile certainly liked to flash his about, perhaps they got caught in something one time). These people either reject sexuality altogether or are exuberant—this is typical Scorpio, Scorpio is either-or (possibly with one face in the day, another in the night). So Savile would claim to be almost asexual at the public level, refused to talk about sex—but in another respect was, as he incautiously once described himself, “a werewolf”.

People with this position derive their creativity from their sexuality. Yet, in the end, per the book, “the dark and secret side will be mercilessly exposed to the light.” That’s what has happened in the decade or so since Savile died—it all came out.

Savile also had Lilith (Mean) in the 7th House—these people reject relationships if they can’t be the initiator; and Savile did things like molest incapacitated people in plaster casts and even corpses in morgues, you can’t get more passive than that—or more chthonian.

However, it must be noted that Savile’s Venus positioning indicates someone who was a slow-starter with sex, but then had huge success later. This chimes with a body language analysis I watched of Savile where the analysts said that when Savile spoke about being poor as a youngster he really meant his lack of sex—the situation changed later (but he “never forgot what it was like to go without”).


The basic point to understand Savile is that everything dark about him was what made him successful—without the darkness there was no creativity; there was no “great entertainer”, the great charity man—the great medium for “the communion of all mankind”, via the telly. Savile was Scorpio+++. He was the ultra Scorpio.

He had Aries Ascendant—this means he was decisive, this type likes to enforce their intentions. They want to find out about themselves and don’t want to wait for the outside to come to them. Savile once described himself as a man with “ultimate freedom” and said “not many have got it, but I have”—that came about through his occult experiments; frankly, who knows what he got up to into Scotland—let alone in those basement ceremonies he conducted in those hospitals…

Yet this is all to do with the Scorpio’s imperative to find out about themselves and develop themselves to the maximum (they’re a mystery to themselves in a way, self-forgetting in sex)—and Savile had alignments that went further than the typical Scorpio in this regard.

His ruler of the Ascendant was Mars—these people are impulsive and hot-headed, they’re aggressive. Indeed, Savile, early in his career, locked a few people in the basement of his nightclub as a punishment—then sweet-talked the police around about it (there was more violence and menace about him than we know). He had Mars in Virgo—so he appreciated detailed work; he was a careful man who paid attention to the little things (so as not to get caught).

The Scorpio is always dedicated to their friends and has a close social circle, but if they detect insubordination or a negative attitude towards them they can be cruel. They like to control those around them (actually, it’s a hobby for them)—and they often surround themselves with people of a lesser mental capacity so they can have them completely in their power and to receive adoration from them. Savile was in Mensa, remember, so he was smarter than most—yet his coterie included men like Frank Bruno, not the smartest.

In fact, Scorpio was held by ancient astrologers to be the sign for a genius—and Savile was, in his own way, a genius.

Scorpios are great entertainers and are very inquisitive—like a little black scorpion that slips in your underpants, they get everywhere. If they are jealous or envious of you they will hide their feelings, but, sooner or later, you will feel their sting. As noted, they’re “schizo”—day and night characters, they can be dancing around one minute and then sting you the next. Think about the typical gangster boss who is laughing and joking about with you but then, when you make the wrong remark, falls silent and says, “What’s that?” “Nothing, boss.” “I said, ‘What’s that?’”. Savile—the gangster-entertainer.

It should be noted that Savile had the same secretary for years and years and she was utterly devoted to him, did everything for him—and then, one day, he said “you’re fired” and that was it. No emotion—all over, the end. This behaviour is typical for a Scorpio—especially when you have the aggravating factors of Mars and Aries to make them even more ruthless and cruel.


Savile was no slouch. He had Mars in Virgo—these people are demanding, and they set high standards. Just think about all the millions he raised for charity, all those marathons he did—he really did work. He had a rational and logical approach to life. With Mars in the 6th House, he was diligent and energetic—he hated lazy people. This type can be aggressive at work—they’re perfectionists. With Uranus in the 1st House, Savile had a predilection for eccentric, unstable, and deceptive behaviour—natch.

However, though people might hate to admit it, Savile had Pluto in Cancer—these people are caring and intuitive. They like to mother people and to help others—they experience personal transformation through helping others. They also like to meet influential people and have a social conscience. So Savile’s charity work was genuine—it wasn’t *just* a way to get at victims. He really did care about people—although he did use them for “Scorpian sex magic”, for personal transformation. Yet, in his charitable disposition, aided by meeting famous people, Savile was genuine.

He had Neptune in the 6th House—that’s connected with health, hence he helped at lots of hospitals and funded a special unit at Stoke Mandeville. It’s about the spiritual urge to help others—and people like this do like to help others (he also had Saturn in Pisces, it indicates the same tendency). So, again, Savile’s charitable side was genuine and not just a Machiavellian scheme or pretext. However, these people are often grandiose and unrealistic—Savile certainly had inflated ideas about himself. With Neptune in Virgo, he was able to predict future events—and also bring his grand fantasies to fruition.


He also had Jupiter in Sagittarius. These people have the life philosophy, “Life is what you make of it.” They believe there’s some “higher intelligence system” that drives everything, but not necessarily a personal God. This chimes with the way Savile talked about himself, he had a pragmatic “get-ahead” philosophy—he talked about “if the Good Lord wanted us to…” and how “God isn’t just up there, he’s all around us…”.

This attitude chimes with his position as a wizard and the way he developed his esoteric powers—it’s about becoming the complete man, the alchemical man, and unlocking what the Buddhists call “the siddhis”. Savile had Jupiter in the 9th House—it suggests an interest in philosophy and religion, it probably relates to his magic. It’s all about that Scoprian self-development, you see (now, then; now, then; now, then)*.

With his North Lunar Mode (Mean) in Sagittarius, Savile was a man who experienced conflict between virtuous thoughts and “trivial pearls of wisdom“—he was stuck between profane and sacred values, between belief and doubt. Savile tended to provide his own home-spun wisdom, but people like this need to deepen themselves—Savile never did.

Savile also had Saturn in Pisces—these people need to go to the depths to recover lost wisdom. They’re an ancient soul that longs for peace. Saturn in the 12th House suggests work in the background, unacknowledged—what with his underground sex rituals at hospitals, I wonder if Savile was the leader of an esoteric order.


So Savile is the ultimate Scorpio—his chart points to a need for aggressive sex where he is in the dominant position (otherwise he isn’t interested). The chart literally mentions “Hell”—his choice was between Hell and self-restraint (he chose the former). He was basically a gangster boss, with his tight circle of friends—and if you upset him, ruffled his vanity, you received a nasty sting.

He was a sex magician—his transformative energy came about through sex; and, since this goes with death, and since Savile was such an extreme Scorpio, he must have been involved in actual death as well—not just sex with bodies in the morgue. He knew serial killers, after all—he carried out underground rites in hospitals; and, perhaps, a few people went missing when he went up to the stone circles on the moors with his chums…

Anyway, without the sex and death Savile would have no power—no power to enchant, no power to dominate the world. He fed on that energy—transformed it. However, his charitable inclinations were, believe it or not, sincere—he really did care, although, as it happens, he benefitted from the sexual energy he picked up on his charitable rounds. Overall, among the most powerful magicians the land has known—and almost totally evil, an evil genius.


* As I composed these sentences, including Savile’s incantation, an owl gave an unearthly call outside my window—I haven’t heard them for some time, certainly not with so strange a call (a message from Lilith, no doubt).


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