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Jews and intelligence


Jews and intelligence: the Jews are really intelligent—you can tell this is so because it’s a stereotype and stereotypes are correct; besides, there are European folk tales going back centuries about how Europeans have been entranced by a “clever Jew”. So people have said, for a very long time, that the Jews are clever—and also, per folk tales, that they are liars.

Why do people deny that the Jews are clever? The only people who do so are on the radical right. The reason why they do this is:

a. they know too much about the Jews, get bored with what they know, and so decide to say the opposite to common-sense so as to look clever (i.e. counter-signalling, or vanity in plain speak);

b. they regard the Jews as out-group enemy and man never says anything good about the out-group (also the fact they know the Jews are very intelligent frightens them, because they begin to think “we can’t beat the out-group”, they’re superior to us—intelligence itself being a key concept for racial superiority on the radical right).

It demoralises, in other words. These same people are very aware that, for example, East Africans are excellent long-distance runners—but they never decide to make out that “East African running ability is a myth”. That’s because they’re not threatened by good long distance runners (perhaps, if they were being chased by a hungry Ethiopian, they might feel differently).

It’s also connected to the role intelligence plays in modernity. As T777 once said “intelligence is what we have instead of virtue”. Basically, to be intelligent means “to be good” in the contemporary world—hence to admit the Jews are very intelligent is tantamount to saying they’re very good, which creates cognitive dissonance for someone who sees the Jews as out-group (= bad). The cognitive dissonance has to be resolved by coming up with ideas like “the myth of high Jewish IQ”.

However, intelligence doesn’t make you “good” or “virtuous”. Intelligence just means “the ability to solve problems”—the problem you solve could be how to lie effectively to people. Yet because it’s a ranked concept people immediately latch on to it as a status measurement device—they then begin to treat it like a religion.

For example, I saw someone say “how could someone with such high intelligence say that?”. This is because they think high IQ = infallible, like a god—it means no such thing, highly intelligent people make mistakes all the time (though, presumably, less often than less intelligent people).

Due to the way man works, when he sees a chart lined up 1-20 or however you cut it, he automatically begins to idealise “1” and denigrate “20”. How could a “1” say anything wrong? How could a “20” say something right? It’s not scientific, but that’s what man is like—especially absent any other guidelines for conduct, he idealises the spectrum he is presented with (or, to be precise, idealises the high scorers and denigrates the low scorers).

Because this is all about “monkey tribalism”, he is quick enough to feign “reasonable behaviour”: “Of course, there are some bad high IQ people—the really high IQ people go mental” (and vice versa, “Yeah, it’s the grug-genius alliance!”—aka sentimental story-telling, the retards and the geniuses united against the mediocre middle). But that’s not reality, that’s story-telling—in this case to prove that “you do see individuals, really” (which you don’t, you just have a sentimental story to balance out the group ideals in different ways).

What’s actually wrong with the Jews is that they are: 1. Highly intelligent; 2. Chronic liars; 3. Highly ethnocentric. So you have a group of highly intelligent liars who like to work in tight cabals and instinctively cover each other’s backs. How could this possibly go wrong? How could this distort, say, a highly powerful country like the United States? Could it lead to the widespread dissemination of perverted ideas? After all, “cabal” literally derives from “kabbalah”.

The Jews tend to work by intelligent inversion. Marx is the paradigmatic case: he literally said that he had “stood Hegel on his head”—which, for Marx, constituted “the right way up”. The general tendency is for the Jews to sink everything into matter. So Hegel’s philosophy is idealist, about the spirit as it works itself out through history, whereas Marx says “the economic process works itself out through history”. In a parallel development, Freud turns the psyche from a spiritual entity that elevates us into a chronic drive for sex—the higher is reduced to the lower.

This tendency to invert is shot through all Jewish intellectual activities. Consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: it says you have to fulfil basic functions, like food, shelter, and sex before you consider the higher functions like religion and culture. It reflects Brecht’s song, which is Marxist but you might as well say “Jewish” (in cultural terms), that goes, “First give us breakfast, then we’ll face the day” (i.e. morals come after feeding).

So matter > spirit is a constant Jewish refrain, along with the idea that everything is relative (even physics). Yet, for example, in order to hunt bison primitive hunters would draw a little sigil, a little magical operation, to make the hunt succeed—they did this before they were fed, because spirit precedes matter.


The reason Jewish intelligence works in this way is because, from an evolutionary perspective, the genes that grant them intelligence come from Talmudic scholars. What do Talmudic scholars do? They “torture the law” to find exceptions.

In other words, they carefully study the law and then find clever linguistic tricks to find exceptions, so that it’s “technically okay” to do something (does this sound like transgenderism yet?). So the Jewish intelligence is primed for novel interpretations of language, to prioritise language over reality, and to invert what exists so you can “technically get away with it”.

It’s why there’s a stereotype that the Jews are good lawyers—because that’s exactly what they’re evolved for (and to be entertainers too, because comedy relies on sudden unexpected inversion of expectations; and the inversion creates laughter—it’s a novel interpretation of reality, like a novel loophole in the law).

Hence the Jewish intelligence is primed to invert—to come to a text and produce a clever reversal of what it contains (and then to back that interpretation up with a tight network).

Yiddish, for example, is literally composed from German words written backwards and coded in the Hebrew script. This is salient, not just because it’s an inversion, but because to write backwards is a form of magical spell. Yiddish was a form of occult sorcery to enslave the German people—it is also the language of the left, always preferred by leftist Jews.

Jesus specifically attempted to correct this legalistic tendency in Judaism by speaking from the heart, not from law books that are “technically” right. He was killed for this reason—and his message corrupted by another inverter, Paul.

Down to this day the inversion continues, did not Netanyahu announce that the Jews are “the children of the light” in their war against Hamas? Well, everyone knows if it has to be said it isn’t so. If you have to say you’re a “good, kind person” you’re lying—the truth is evident for those with eyes to see.

Per Jung, if it’s announced, as regards your personal self, it isn’t so—i.e. the Jews are “the children of darkness” (Netanyahu even wears a black shirt to confirm this is so—his actions belie his speech; he projected his shadow on Hamas).


The Star of David also appears as a chakra in Hinduism. It is associated with “666” in Hindu esotericism—not an evil number in itself but “the number of earthly rule”. So the Jews are “the people of earthly rule” in esoteric terms—which explains their immense material power. Who is “the lord of this earth”? Satan, the Devil—the Jews are the people of the Devil, the Lord of Lies (the inverter, the deceiver).

Their immense power derives from the fact that we are “living in the end times”, at the end of the kali-yuga—where almost all people will bow to the Devil and his servants. We are at almost complete inversion now, with even basic dichotomies like “male” and “female” reversed—and every nation in the world is homeless, except the people who were always previously homeless (the Jews).

I used to think that this tendency to invert didn’t extend to science—to men like Einstein and Neumann—because science is more objective than, say, anthropology (where Boas said, in an inversion, “it’s all culture”—whereas really “it’s all race”). However, as I’ve learned more about science I am less confident that it can’t be twisted, especially at the higher levels, levels like theoretical physics, where due to the mathematics involved it becomes more like an artistic consideration.

In other words, the Jews may have inverted science just like they have inverted culture—I say that because in the fields I know about the Jews reliably invert reality, so why would this suddenly stop at science? (as it happens very little real science is done today, even as the Jews have become more prominent in scientific fields).

Will the Jews win? No—because they live by lies and lies are only short-term expedients (essentially laziness to avoid the inevitable repercussions from your actions for a while). The truth always wins in the long-term, reality always wins in the long-term. However, in this context, we are talking about thousands of years, not the difference between a schoolboy being caught out in a lie between lunch break and home time.

So it will take a long time, but the Jews will lose—because the lie will lose. However, most people, almost all, will serve the lie at the end—and, as opposed to the Jewish lie collective, a few truth-speakers will prevail, perhaps no more than 12.

* I can confirm this is truth because after I finished it the “electric red balls of light” that appear in my eyes since Hartsfell appeared very strongly.


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