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It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

I don’t mean to start an apocalypse cult, but I think the end of the world is at hand. I can’t be sure, but there have been certain signs. In particular, I noticed the other day that Isaac Newton used kabbalah to put the date of the end of the world no later than 2060. Now, if you read this website on a regular basis you will know that I take it for granted that kabbalah, tantra, and magic are all real. Hence if a man like Newton, a verified genius, used kabbalah to establish the date for the end of the world then we should take that seriously—not for the usual reason that “it might be true if Newton did it” but because if Newton did it then he is liable to have done it very well. In other words, it’s likely he was right; although, of course, just because he was a genius doesn’t mean he was infallible.

Newton was actually a heretic, but he kept his views disguised—he was a Gnostic of sorts; he held the rabble would reject the truth and, indeed, that the truth was “strong meat” that was “not for babes”. His views were similar to Arianism and Socinianism—antique heresies now, yet in essence heresies that concerned whether or not Jesus was God that contested that there was no hell and no demons. Further, Newton believed in the “natural philosophy” of Pythagoras—a bit like the hermit Daniel Gumm in my Minions article. Essentially, he thought there is a rhythm to nature—a music to it, the Apollonic harmony in seven strings (the seven days of creation).

It all conforms to the fact that UFOs have musical accompaniment when they appear—they are the vimanas of the Hindus, the musical light chariots of the gods. As it happens, cybernetics, a discipline that treats number as pattern (as opposed to quantity, as in probability), also works by rhythm—so AI might be implicated in “the end” (pointless aside—I recently found out “rock and roll” actually refers to sex, the rhythmic “rock and roll” of the two bodies together; it puts a new complexion on those times I said, “I like rock and roll.”).

But back to the apocalypse. The date 2025 has some significance in three regards: firstly, it’s when Strauss and Howe predict the generational cyclical (rhythmic) fourth turning will reach its peak in America (possibly with a civil war); secondly, it’s when America is about 250 years and, according to Glubb Pasha, empires last about 250 years; and, finally, some Hindu astrologers have said the kali yuga ends in 2025 (although there would be a 200-300-year period where there was utter chaos and destruction before the new Golden Age dawned; but there is no consensus here—some say it’s 25,000 years or more off, so quite a range; and the fact is that for astrology to be defective is in accord with the kali yuga itself).

Now to put a precise date on the apocalypse is to be a hostage to fortune—many people have been wrong about this event. However, at minimum, I think that some major destructive event will happen between 2024 and 2026, to give a slight range (this isn’t physical science, it’s rock ‘n’ roll). People mocked the “2012 apocalypse” meme but, actually, things have certainly become very strange since 2012—in my life, anyway (so perhaps some age, some Mayan age, did end then).

It’s not hard to see that with the American political situation very tense and also relations with Russia, Iran, and China equally taut that something huge could well happen—perhaps a quick international war that America loses, followed by a civil war in America. It would all fit very neatly with Newton’s prediction that the end would come “no later” than 2060.

Interestingly, as it happens, Newton’s papers on this matter were passed down for many years in an English family but were sold to the Jews in the 1930s—they now reside in Jerusalem. Given that the Jews tend to lie, you have to wonder what they wanted with Newton’s kabbalah and how much of his real material has been released (and if what has been released has been doctored). The Jews don’t like Christians and they don’t like Europeans—and Newton was reputed to have “a white soul” by his friends (i.e. he was a virtuous and just man). This is perhaps significant because an international conflagration may well be sparked by Israel’s prospective attack on Iran—sparked by those who rejected Christ to serve Satan.

Further, we have the increase in UFO incidents—now more widely acknowledged by the state and media. As you can see from the below picture, the commonly sighted “tic-tac” UFOs resemble the egg shapes painted by the esotericist Julius Evola in the header image to this article. In addition, Miguel Serrano, the Chilean esotericist, said that the vimanas would return soon to collect the selected people to be saved (the slots are almost full). He made that prediction sometime in the late 1970s.

Well, the UFOs are the gods—they are back and they are coming back faster than ever, there’s been a definite uptick in UFO reports over the past decade. Newton may have been right: there is no hell as such, except that those unworthy will be eliminated through war, pestilence, and, perhaps, in a final sound-based wave of sheer white light. The process may take some time to come about, as the Hindus say, and perhaps we’ll be in for 200-300 years of extreme mayhem and destruction during which the “UFOs” will become more and more prevalent.

I’m not going to attempt to reconcile all the various accounts from Christianity and Islam and all the other world religions about the Second Coming or the Mahdi—suffice it to say, man has always held that the earth has undergone cycles of destruction and renewal; perhaps the different stories are not precise accounts in the scientific sense because we live in the Dark Age and have lost the real accounts that would reconcile them—but let’s say they all have “some truth”.

St. Augustine solved the problem of people declaring “the apocalypse” every time Rome lost a battle with the idea that “the kingdom of heaven” had come (i.e. the apocalypse had happened) but, to borrow a modern phrase, “it just wasn’t evenly distributed yet”—that is to say it exists, dammed off from this world (which belongs to Satan), but will at a certain point (we cannot say when) intrude completely. This solved the problem early Christians had with the social disruption caused by endless “premature Second Comings”—although the same tendency broke out again after the Reformation when primitive Christianity reemerged and St. Augustine was down-graded.

As the Jews observed, before they became totally corrupted, “If the Messiah arrives, keep planting fig trees.” In other words, it is not my contention that you should sell all your property and go out into the desert to pray to be “taken”; just carry on as usual—then again, if you take this website as life advice perhaps you have problems that are deeper than a mortgage and a family.

The whole process will probably take quite a few hundred years, anyway—it will certainly be filled with incident, interest, and adventure. Of course, I could be wrong—the astrologers might be out, some remarkable event might stabilise the international situation and the domestic scene in America, the UFOs (some of them) may turn out to be genuine aliens. Yet I’m doubtful—at the very least, the situation will get hot in the next years (perhaps shortly). All I can say is that it will all turn out in the wash in the end, the cosmic egg split and has returned to itself—it played a game to learn about itself, and it will play another, in time, to get to know itself better still.


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