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Israelis and projection

There are two factors at play here: 1. nobody can stand to see their side inflict pain on the other side, hence you get reaction formation when you see the other side’s pain and suffering at your hands; 2. the Jews themselves are engaged in projection.

In the first place, people just can’t handle that “our guys” do bad things: Dresden, Auschwitz, Gaza—we will not accept that “our guys” collapse buildings on top of babies and massacre seven-member families so that only one child remains. You could just refuse to watch the news or pay any attention to it and pretend it doesn’t exist—that is one option (“He never talks about what he did over there.”).

The other option, in an environment where you can’t help but see and can’t help but look, is to experience reaction formation. “Cor, I had a hard day at work.” “Well, boo-hoo, didn’t we all?”. What you see above is a graver version of that—genuine compassion is hard, it’s hard to accept the other. When someone voices their troubles we just want them to shut up (“Stop crying about it, you big baby.”).

Only saintly people remain silent and don’t interject themselves, feel aggrieved that attention has been taken away from themselves—and, after all, most people don’t know what to do with the suffering anyway. What can I do about it? What am I meant to do? I can’t change it—I feel pain all the time too. Just shut up and get on with it like everyone else.

And that’s what these videos are about, “boo-hoo” your baby is blown up and its corpse is covered in white powder cement. I don’t want to hear about it, but I’ve seen it—and I can’t unsee it, and, notwithstanding what your soldiers did to us three weeks ago, I still feel bad about it. But I will not concede that. Hence—videos. “Boo-hoo, Awrabs cry—Awrabs pwetend to be bwon up with kwetchup to fwool the Ewuropeans.”

The other aspect is projection. The Jews are known as a race to be neurotic and to dissimulate—the old Slavic proverb, “The Jew cries out as he hits you.” What you see in these videos is Israelis projecting their own psychology onto the Arabs. Hence it is their suspicion that the Arabs are “making it up” and “crying about nothing”…because that is how the Jews deal with difficult situations.

It’s a variation on my frequent observation that people reliably threaten you with what they themselves fear. In this case, it’s the reverse—when you see your enemy engaged in a certain activity, you suspect that they use the very technique, dissimulation, that you yourself deploy to con other people. So, projection—as is so often the case.

It’s not pretty to look at, but mankind seldom is.


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