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Islam > Christianity

Updated: Dec 15, 2023


Christianity was largely formed by Jews—the Jews were instrumental to its creation. Folk tales and experience tell us that the Jews are clever liars. Islam had Jewish influence right at the start, Muhammad had Jewish advisers. But he shed his Jewish affiliation and made war on Jewish tribes—often destroying entire cities of Jews down to the last woman and child.

This means that Islam is a truer religion than Christianity. It had fewer liars involved in its creation. I do not say that it is the “true religion” because I don’t think there is any such thing—I don’t think the revealed religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) look at this in the right way.

However, in relative terms, Islam is truer than Christianity. This means that Islam will defeat Christianity, because over the long term truth always wins over lies.

We already see this process at work in Europe where Islam is the coming religion. Most Europeans are functional atheists. Islam is the growing religious power, demography is on her side—Muslims flood into Europe.

I think that Islam may have been sent by divine intervention to destroy the dajjal—the AntiChrist. This is, in essence, America (but also Britain, the two countries being the Great Satan and Little Satan). The dajjal is not a man, though it may be instantiated in a man, but rather a system—the system of Judeo-Masonry founded in America, the country founded on betrayal (on the Judas kiss).

This is why America has lost repeatedly since she came into conflict with Islam, right back to the hostage crisis in 1979—a major American humiliation. 9/11 set America on the road to financial ruin, was implicated in the 2008 crash in structural terms, and stretched America’s resources to the limit. America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was actually a greater defeat than Vietnam—it was total chaos.

Events in the Middle East right now, with Israel under significant pressure, an event that stretched American resources on the Ukrainian front, are also part of a wider picture. It is the defeat of Judeo-Masonry, it is the victory of spirit over matter.

Whatever party wins in America, Satan always wins—Islam is the answer to the Devil.

It is the final revelation.


I say there is no “true religion”—just truer religion. I am not a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, or a Jew. I understand the esoteric core to Islam, Sufism—it is the core to all religions, but it cannot be told (only experienced) and it is for initiates alone. Sufism is both Islam and not Islam at the same time—it is also Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity (and none of those).

It is the pith—it is the discarded orange pith in the gutter that they say has no value, though for me it contains all the beauty in the world.

I do not think Europeans should follow Islam or Christianity.

I think they should follow *


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