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Indian country

This doesn’t happen because the Red Indians are broken; they’re resentful, having lost their patrimony—so they just drink themselves to death instead. As an aside, they’re Red Indians not “Native Americans”—“Native American” is leftist jargon to make out that Europeans don’t belong in America; but “America” is a European concept and the United States is a European political unit—the Red Indians are Navahos, Sioux, Iroquois; they belong to those tribal units and territories. If there are any “Native Americans”, in the technical sense, they are the English, German, and Dutch settlers who form the core of the United States—and the term “Native American” has been formulated precisely to dispossess those peoples and their posterity.

Red Indians are broken: they are feminised—they are kept women of the American state (or dubious casino operations that are facilitated by state-supported loopholes—so, also the state); their lands have been taken; they have been displaced geographically; their culture has been destroyed (Christianised); their traditions have been broken up and distorted. They are basically, to put it succinctly, “fucked in the head”.

As such, being whipped, they are resentful. Contra Nietzsche, resentful people don’t actually do anything much. The man with a limp sits around in the bar and says, “Ain’t no chances for a man with a limp in today’s economy. It’s all Uberised. Ain’t no woman wants a man with a limp on Tinder—they can see my fucked up leg straight off.” Resentful people want you to buy into their hard luck story and feel maudlin (perhaps another beer would help?). It’s all nostalgia, hope, and hype—what was or what could have been. “I could have been a contender! (If it wasn’t for this damn leg).”

So Red Indians drink themselves to death like resentful maudlin people. Yes, there’s a genetic element and they’re susceptible—but I can guarantee that if their tribes were still intact that would be less of a problem than it is. As such, Red Indians don’t have much pride or vanity—I mean the white man literally wears their skins as trophies (or did, until his wife and her gay Jewish best friend nagged him not to call his team “the Washington Redskins” anymore). As such, the Red Indians aren’t really into action—into prideful spree shootings.

No, spree shooters are all about the image—it’s the vanity, the pride, the narcissism. The ur event, Columbine, was orchestrated by a narcissist. “Look at me, don’t you know who I am?! You’ll know—you’ll all know!”. It used to work quite well because spree shootings had been rare, but the fact is that spree shootings are now normal. I’ve lost track of all the events in the 2010s—it’s routine now; hence, sooner or later, people will realise that your name will not be “remembered for all time” by this action and they’ll have to try something else. Red Indians are too whipped for this game—they’re on the reservation crying into their fire water. If you’re a liberal who’s into maudlin hard luck stories, you can go play rescuer-victim with them if you want.

“Gee, mom, look—I’m on tee-vee!”

I’ve been in Stratford-Upon-Avon a lot this year, and there are lots of Americans there “for the culture” (I guess). The women are all loud. I used to think this was because America is a big country where the houses are far apart from each other, but I finally realised that it’s because Americans are all extreme narcissists. It fits with the cuntry’s founding principles: “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” That formulation used to be “life, liberty, and the protection of property”—“the pursuit of happiness” in this case meant, in the 18th century, “participation in the public arena like a great man”.

Hence all Americans think they have the inalienable right to be like Frederick the Great; and when they suspect “they’re not that hot” (as, by definition, most people are not) they have a narcissistic rage and kill people. They participate in the public arena in a great way—to “pursue happiness” is to gun down your graduating class at high school.

Ironically, Americans are being “Red Indianised” themselves; their rulers have decided to do to the actual Native Americans what was done to the Red Indians—displace them, destroy their traditions, make them dependent on the state (and casinos—all the ads on YouTube are for casinos); accordingly, many Americans die “deaths of despair” through Fentanyl (“the white man’s fire water”—as formulated by sinister orientals keen to avenge the Opium War). However, the Americans still have enough residual pride and narcissism to lash out—hence, spree killings.


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