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In-flight entertainment—or, “that motherf*cker is not real!”

You have doubtless noticed a number of “incidents” on flights in recent months—so far as I’m aware it was all triggered when a man on a flight over South Korea tried to open a door mid-flight (he was aged 33, as it happens—a number with esoteric significance). Then we had the notorious video above—and subsequent to that we’ve had various other outbreaks of “in-flight hysteria”, notably a British man who appeared to be psychotic and wanted to exit the aircraft in mid-air to get away from “them”.

As you can see from the below clip, the woman who said “that motherfucker is not real” referred to the man below—being a Freemason decorated in tattoos who says, quite frankly, further on in the video, “Freemasons run the world” (open secret; if you check their foundation documents, check the old Catholic Encyclopaedia, you find that they are also Noahides, like the “rainbow people”—they serve the Jews). Well, yes, this guy said “Freemasons rule the world“ as a joke (to the passenger behind him)—but as all Fools know, many a true word is spoken in jest.

The thing about Freemasons is not that they necessarily get together to “plan it all out”—there are about 200,000 Freemasons in Britain, mostly concentrated in the professions. That’s a formidable network—and it’s been shown they help each other out to, for example, secure contracts to build ugly concrete post-war buildings (so much for “muh free market”). However, it’s not really about that. Masons are initiated and so, even if they rarely visit a lodge after they join, they are governed by supra-personal forces that will use them for certain “ends”. The “secret handshakes” and rigged trials associated with “material” Masonry are the thin end of the wedge—each Mason is a vehicle for forces from beyond.

So what’s happened with the aircraft passengers? Rationalists will tell you that these incidents have always happened—happen more often than you think—and that what has happened is that since that initial incident people have started to pay attention and record these events and make them into “a thing” (even your mind does the same). In fact, people “freak-out” on flights more often than you think but now you’ve noticed…or it’s “psychic contagion”, people are copying the original video without realising it etc etc…

Well, forget that bollocks. This is straight-out demonic possession. What’s happening is that as the kali-yuga draws to a close the profane material plane has begun to intersect with the spiritual plane to a greater extent—perhaps the disturbance to the astral body caused by flight makes people more susceptible to possession on that level. Hence the outbreak of “insanity” on aircraft—of course, the kali-yuga takes quite a while to end, even if “the end has begun” (I suggest 2025 as a tentative date for the “beginning of the end”); it takes about 250-300 years—so I expect flights to become much more interesting in the interim.


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Some guy with no plan
Some guy with no plan
Jul 29, 2023

Man that guy has such a punchable face


Jul 29, 2023

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