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IDF threat (a Purim fool, II)

As noted, the Israel Defense Force sent me this message: “This Purim, we are reminded that Hamas is not the first enemy that has tried to eradicate the Jewish people—and they will meet the same fate as the last.”

Here is another aspect to it—the message contains “the first and the last”, the enemies of Israel are “the first and the last”; or, in other words, “the alpha and the omega”, the Godhead itself and also Jesus.

Jesus was described as “the alpha and the omega” in Revelation 1:11 and 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, the number of Jupiter; and Jupiter is the number of “the one God”, which is the manifestation of the unmanifested 0 (Saturn) on earth.

A further reference to “the alpha and the omega” appears in Isaiah 44 (4 + 4 = 8, the number of the infinite).

So the enemy of the Jews is the alpha and omega—the infinite and the manifestation of the infinite.

I said that the Jews had to accept Jesus, but that they didn’t even have to become Christian—just accept Jesus.

In response, a Christian started to quote some saint or Church father at me to the effect that the Jews have to become Christians.

This is why people hate religion, hate Christianity—this petty bureaucratic egotistical attitude.

When Jesus came for the Jews there wasn’t any Christianity—so why not just let the Jews accept Jesus, as it was at the start?

This is all politics—not about Jesus at all.

It’s all some pompous ass who wants to say “the Jews must become Christian”—and join MY Church (which has the total truth, of course).

Just like people say “Christ is King”—out of vanity.

Truthful statement: Christ is the king of the Jews—as it was written, above the cross.

These people are self-righteous pricks—they’d rather be right and look good than have the Jews accept Jesus in any way that works for them.

All they care about is their rancid Churches, their vanity, their politics—“Who are you, where is your limousine to take you to the Vatican? Where is your theological school? Oh, that’s just the Pelasgian heresy.”

Christianity was invented by the Jews so that they could avoid accepting Jesus.


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