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IDF threat (a Purim fool)

The Israel Defense Force sent me this message: “This Purim, we are reminded that Hamas is not the first enemy that has tried to eradicate the Jewish people—and they will meet the same fate as the last.”

This is directed at me.

Now, you might say “you’ve flipped this time, we’ve followed you this far, we can just about accept that your dog is a Sufi saint, because it’s cute, but now you need your meds—you are a sick man”.

But it’s not as far-fetched as all that.

For a start, the em-dash is my trademark—it’s really a characteristic part of my rhythm.

I write as I speak, so sometimes I’m ungrammatical but it captures how I speak.

The em-dash helps in this action, but it’s more than that—it’s magic, it’s the void (*).

Just like Rudolph Hess always used to indicate laughter to his wife with a wavy line in their letters—the guards thought it was a code, and it wasn’t intended as such, though it was in unconscious terms.

There will be much more to say about Rudolph Hess next Sunday—so be prepared.

Anyway, the IDF use this em-dash to let me know, as a fool on their April Fool’s Day, Purim, that they have their eyes on me.

Look, last autumn the IDF released a numbered map of districts in Gaza—the one number missing? 738.

And I said I represented “the men in blacks shirts” and then Netanyahu appeared in a black shirt.

And when I mentioned a crusader citadel he made a reference to “storming their citadel”.

In fact, an Anglo-Israeli private military intelligence company has had its eyes on me for some time.

So this was a threat directed at me.

Look, I don’t threaten to eradicate the Jewish people.

The revelation of Hartsfell: in a strange coincidence I was followed by a group of Orthodox Jews across several trains in rural Scotland—I had a vision from the train window of Christ crucified on a hill, then was surrounded by the little Jewish boys and girls, and then, that night, saw the supernatural entities at Hartsfell.

I take it to mean that the Jews must accept Jesus.

I don’t even ask them to become Christian—they can make their own personal accommodation with Jesus, but they have to accept Jesus.

That is not “eradication”—in my vision for a future Hyperborean state, I let the Jews live in Hyperborea so long as they accept Jesus and are closely monitored and have their bank account owned by a Hyperborean citizen.

Now, that is a loss of privilege, I accept, but it is not “eradication”—I don’t expect it to be liked, but it is not harsh.

I am not as harsh as Hitler.

In reality, the only people being eradicated at the moment are the Palestinians—and, secondarily, the Europeans.

To be “eradicated” means to be “de-radixed”, to have your roots taken up.

The only people in the world who have deep roots are the Jews, they have their own country—they are not being eradicated at all, it’s the Europeans and Palestinians who are being eradicated.

So I will say this to the Jews, this is a message from God: you must accept Jesus and renounce the AntiChrist—now, if you do that, you will actually feel much better, you are only hurting yourselves, and you will have a place in Hyperborea.

However, if you continue on this current course in league with the AntiChrist then, yes, I will eradicate you—and, unlike Hitler, I cannot be killed.


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