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I telephoned Ezra Pound

I telephoned Ezra Pound and said, “Ezra, if I may be so bold, the current situation re: currency stands so, coin has been withdrawn, replaced with e-lectronic ledgers under control, for most part, by gentlemen by name ‘bank man fried’—by which i mean, jews.” He said—ar, it is to be expected.

I telephoned Ezra Pound and said, “I want your advice, maestro, about the Tao—I fear the Chinese government have it under arrest in the local shopping mall, detained in secret police station trade under venerable name Hong-Chung Hot Bun Emporium. Cld you advse on situation?” He said—ar, it is to be expected.

I telephoned Ezra Pound and said, “So far as West’ern world goes, it is worse than ever—send beard and silk scarf from Venice to rectify asap. I want to mint a new coin in yr likeness, an invisible hundred-weight sovereign inscribed with lapidary truth.” He said—ar.


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