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Hypocrisy ≠ torture

Rightists often assert that the left knows it engages in hypocrisy and does it as a deliberate status-burn. They’re impudent, they want to rub your noses in it because they can. This is incorrect for two reasons: in the first place, the left is less intelligent than the right (at least to judge by IQ tests conducted on Labour and Conservative MPs)—hypocrisy is in essence illogical behaviour, the left is simply less intellectually able to understand when it is hypocritical than the right. Secondly—more importantly—the left is narcissistic; it is hypocritical in the way women are hypocritical—it’s so wrapped up in its self-image as “protector of the weak” that it is unaware that it contradicts itself.

The right thinks it’s deliberate because the right is more responsible, so it assumes intent behind these actions. The right is also more masculine, men are more sadistic than women—so the right projects onto the left, if someone is hypocritical it is assumed “they’re rubbing our noses in it” (a similar approach is seen in slightly self-pitying rightist references to “us peasants” who the elite walks over—although this itself shades into leftism, it’s playing the victim from the more powerful position). Basically, people are hypocrites because they are wrapped up in themselves—“Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.” The old saying fits the situation perfectly.

Compromised people have no integrity and so will be natural hypocrites. The left is compromised because it is obsessed with popularity and if popularity is your main objective you will criss-cross yourself to attain status—your goal is to be liked, not to “punish” consistent people. I think it was Yarvin who introduced this idea that “hypocrisy is a punishment, a status-burn” and if so it fits with a Jewish psychology that conceptualises the actions of other people as being driven by the desire to victimise you (how the world appears if you are the persecuted underdog). I may be wrong, but even if it doesn’t originate with Yarvin it’s spiritually Jewish—it’s about victimhood and the idea that people are spiteful and feminine (projection of feminised psychological position).

Bottom line: the left isn’t “torturing” you, anymore than women are “torturing” you when they say contradictory things—the left is just very narcissistic and somewhat stupid, like a woman, so it cannot tell when it is engaged in hypocrisy.


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