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Hyperborea’s Constitution (II)

Updated: Jan 25

The Hyperborean Constitution is an organic document—it’s already grown and developed since this morning.

A few addendums:

(i) The lower house: the lower house is for property-owners, taken to mean those with a mortgage; however, to vote for the lower house or to sit in it you have to complete military service in the auxiliary branch (Territorial Army)—the purpose here is to make sure no chamber in Hyperborea is purely financial, materialistic, or greedy; it has to be balanced by some existential activity.

(ii) Qualifications: in fact, to hold any office (e.g. judge) or vote for any position in Hyperborea you must either have served in the military and completed your service, or be registered in the auxiliary service. However, there is no conscription or compulsory military service in Hyperborea, because Hyperborea is a continuation of Britain and conscription is not within the Anglo tradition.

(iii) Religion: Christianity and Islam are banned, along with Judaism (see previous post)—as is any religion that claims to be “the one religion”, “the one truth”, “the one path to God” (any such religion denies the gods, hence is atheism and will turn into Satanism). However, the Hyperborean state cult does tolerate:

(a) The Followers of Jesus: these are people who have rejected the liar St. Paul and follow Jesus—it is permitted to follow one god in Hyperborea, but it is not permitted to deny that other gods are a means to connect with the infinite (Godhead). Otherwise, it is acceptable— provided their means of worship are within the common law (no human sacrifice etc). Hence the non-Pauline Followers of Jesus are legal. The Followers of Jesus take Meister Eckhart for their theological inspiration and Rasputin as their practical life exemplar.

(b) Sufism: since Sufism holds that there is an ultimate Tradition beneath all religions, that informs all religions, mosques that preach Sufism are legal in Hyperborea.

(c) Atheism: it is not illegal to be an atheist or to state that there is no divine aspect to reality; however, to make atheist propaganda carries the death penalty—with the guilty party being cremated and his remains scattered in the sea with no notification to his family as to the location. It is permitted to discuss atheism in an abstract sense if you are a registered academic under supervision (however, it would be illegal, for example, to run a popular YouTube channel that promoted atheism).

(d) Jews: Jews who have become Followers of Jesus are allowed to reside in Hyperborea, but they cannot hold citizenship or bank accounts—except through a full citizen proxy (Hyperborean citizenship is based on blood, a “full Hyperborean” will have Hyperborean relatives back to their great-grandparents, i.e. four generations—people without “full Hyperborean blood” suffer civil disabilities, cannot vote etc).

The reason why the Jews are not fully excluded is that it is said that at the end times most Jews will serve the AntiChrist, but a very few will not—and provision must be made for that.

Hyperborean state theology holds that all Jews must accept Jesus, but that they must come to their own accommodation with that—Christianity being a corruption of the message of Jesus.

(iv) Women: the status of women has been restored, in line with the judicial branch, to where it was with regards to Blackstone in 1753—women have no right to vote, do not serve in the military, and cannot hold the highest ranks in the clergy. Women are the property of their husbands or their fathers—they cannot enter universities.

However, women are organised by the state cult under the supervision of the Chief Druid, just as the propertyless are managed by the hierarchal Guilds—women can serve as priestesses, hence recognising their role in European societies in association with magic, but no priestess has an equal relationship with any priest. The women’s Druidic groups are under male supervision and hierarchy but provide a space for women to cultivate traditions and express concerns about the state through the Druids.

(v) Druidry: this is the state cult, but it is not a direct continuation of the Druids of old—although it carries out research into that area. All religious activity takes place under the auspices of Druidry but it is of a loose kind—so that you may worship, for example, Odin or Vishnu or Jesus in your temple, which is licensed by the Council of Druids, but it is not mandatory to have the Druid clergy proper there or to use Druidic rites (though it is suggested you do).

There is essentially freedom of religion in Hyperborea (i.e. freedom to worship any gods you wish, so long as the worship doesn’t break the law) but all religious activities take place within the formal context of the state cult (as discussed in the previous post, the Prime Minister is the head of the state religion and can suppress or promote any religious practice he chooses—being sovereign).

Hyperborea is a “spirit first” state—i.e. it holds that spirit is greater than matter, everything should be orientated to the spiritual realm. That means that matters like race, blood being considered sacred, are conceptualised in terms of quality (not in terms of, for example, DNA and materialist genetics). Hyperborea seeks to recover the ancient Aryan initiation—gnosis, direct contact with the divine—for an elite; it is not about dogmas, fanaticism, or belief—it cultivates wisdom. It holds that race has an objective reality primarily in a metaphysical aspect and that blood, as in the blue blood of the Holy Grail, is a vital religious substance.

(vi) Anti-fragile: the Hyperborean Constitution is designed to be anti-fragile; hence the high Council is composed from 10 of the oldest land-owning families and two of the oldest financial families—the principle is that, though they don’t know why, these families do something that makes them long-lived; and that unknown quality, that tradition or characteristic, should be at the heart of the state so that the state will be as stable as possible. Similarly, Hyperborea incorporates the common law, via Blackstone, because this is a stable body of law that is evolutionary and organic in nature—i.e. anti-fragile.

(vii) Symbology: the symbol of the high Council and the Black Guard (see ix) is the black flag—the black flag stands for the night sky, for the unmoved mover (Godhead), for the inexpressible, and for wisdom. The flag of the state is the Union Jack, because this is the flag of the Druids—and from it emanates the eight divine rays.

(viii) Aufheben: Hyperborea both negates the old British state but also, at the same moment, carries everything within that state, its traditions and history, to a higher level—hence it still has the same flag as the old British state, but it has now moved to a higher state, being understood in its full esoteric nature not just as a combination of the flags of the saints but of the eight solar rays of the Druids. Similarly, Ireland is reincorporated in Hyperborea, in part because an Irish king invited the English there to rule almost a thousand years ago, but mainly because Ireland is also Hyperborea, part of the visible-invisible land of The Secret Commonwealth.

Yet to be Hyperborean is not to be English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, or even British—it incorporates all those groups and negates them at the same time as it elevates them. Hence the old nationalisms, such as Scottish nationalism, are cancelled—these being exploited by the Satanic Americans and Jews in films like Braveheart (1995), so made to demonise Edward III because he expelled the Jews from England. Yet the English nationality is also sublimated as well; it has had its 1,000-year run and so, like Rome, is exhausted and decadent—it is now Hyperborean, under the black flag.

(ix) The Black Guard: abortion is legal in Hyperborea, but it is the man’s decision alone—it is also postpartum and carried out by exposure in woodland (to maximise responsibility). In fact, all children in Hyperborea are exposed in a wood for one night to see if they are hardy enough to survive, but those who have applied for “abortion” leave the child in the woods (the abandonment of the child for one night is largely symbolic, because the woods are watched by Druids, “oak wardens”, but it does weed out some monstrosities).

An alternative to abortion is to enlist the child in the Black Guard. This is the elite organisation in the state, responsible for foreign and domestic intelligence, and it is formed on the lines of the Foreign Legion—i.e. “the Black Guard is my homeland, the Black Guard is my family”.

Children can only be enlisted before age seven and are given a completely new identity in the Black Guard, including a new name (the organisation has an esoteric branch that, like all initiatic groups, has no written records but imparts secret training to selected members of the Black Guard—all members in the organisation are trained to be totally indifferent to life or death; for example, to throw themselves off a high bridge if ordered without question).

The basic model is Spartan, like the Foreign Legion—the organisation has subsumed the SAS, as well as MI5 and MI6. The Black Guard has total allegiance to the Prime Minister and serves him without question—its heads are appointed by the various Prime Ministers.

(x) Contraception: it’s illegal and illegal to propagandise for contraception, although apps that remind you about fertility through the rhythm method are legal (because the rhythm method involves effortful control and is non-hedonistic, but it can be hard for people to use without a guide—especially less intelligent people).

(xi) Sodomy: illegal—punishable by death.

(xii) Death penalty: the “160 capital crimes” that were in force at Britain’s high point have been reintroduced—execution method is hanging, those who commit egregious crimes (e.g. involving torture, mistreatment of animals or children) have their executions broadcast and, further, have their bodies hung from a gibbet in an iron cage, either at Bugsby’s Marshes, by the Millennium Dome, or outside Heathrow Airport. Final appeal is to the Prime Minister, who, as sovereign, can commute any sentence he wishes (or apply the death penalty when a judge decided not to, if there is an appeal from a victim or family).


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