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Hyperborea and the Last Gospel

Some people ask why it is that I permit Jews to reside in Hyperborea—albeit not to be able to take citizenship, to have a bank account, and, further, on the condition that they have converted to being Followers of Jesus (not the same as being a Christian).

The reason is that I can’t be disloyal to the vision I had on the way to Hartsfell that first time where I saw Christ crucified on a hill, his blood running down the hill, and then found myself surrounded by Orthodox Jewish children (rare companions on a rural Scottish branch line— curiously, they had followed me from my last train). I take that event to mean that the Jews should accept Jesus.

I can’t deviate from a vision that comes from another dimension, from a superior dimension—because after that I saw the supernatural entities at Hartsfell.

However, I also think, as the Muslims say, that at the end time the system of the AntiChrist, the dajjal, as they call it, will find its most ardent support among the Jews—and so I expect most Jews will be on the side of the AntiChrist, but not all. So I have to keep a possible opening for the few, in a limited way, even though Hyperborea is still a racial state.

The Last Gospel—as seen in The Famous Star Hotel in the town below Hartsfell before my second visit (coordinates for photo: 55.333, -3.444—333, 444 being numbers with esoteric significance)

As further clarification, I sometimes say that Christianity is an AntiChrist religion, yet in other cases I sometimes point out that traditional Christians, like the mysterious disappearance of the traditional Catholic child Emile Soleil (much-mocked by the leftist media), are victims of the system. I seem to say they’re bad and good at the same time, part of the system and yet disliked by the system.

The clarification: it’s a dialectical movement, like kabbalah and tantra. So Christianity wore down the old religions, destroyed the last vestiges of stable gnosis, and then was itself destroyed by a movement that in many ways it helped to create—modern atheism is nothing but secular Christianity.

That step down, the step down into progressive liberalism, is lower than Christianity and treats Christianity as an enemy; just as various Marxist grouplets fight against each other and hate each other to this day—Stalinists and Trotskyists; and, in another dimension, just as the last few Stalinists want nothing to do with the “woke”.

Christianity might be marginally better than progressive liberalism, but you can still have two downwards movements in contention with each other, one less bad than the other—no contradiction. And that’s how I see it. I think Christianity was from the first a distortion of the message of Jesus—a distortion by St. Paul, as twigged intellectually by Nietzsche and intuitively by the Muslims.

But that doesn’t mean that in situational and relational terms the Christians aren’t somewhat better than the progressives—nor that they can’t be in conflict with each other…

The aim in Hyperborea is a state cult like the old pagan state cults, with freedom of religion for all whose religion is within the law (e.g. no human sacrifices) and with only religions that claim to have “the one truth” or determined that there is must be “one God, one way” banned (these being atheistic, denying the gods, and so Satanic).

While it is asinine to say “religions start wars”, it’s certainly true that Christianity and Islam brought about a new type of fanatical holy war—as seen in The Thirty Years’ War; it would be counterfactual to blame Christianity for that war—the war may or may not have happened anyway due to dynastic clashes, but it certainly took on its savage form due to the sectarian disputes involved (and killed about 1/3 of the German population along the way).

In the Hyperborean system, the connection between Jesus and Buddhism will be widely known—how the terms “walker on the waters” and “the grain of mustard” originated in India; and, this being seen, such knowledge will reduce sectarian fanaticism and correct the message of Jesus—he came for the Jews, but you can follow him if you want.

Further, it will be well-known, for example, that Mary was a virgin—because she went to Egypt and participated in certain mystery rites then extant that restored the participant’s virginity.

This clarifies the position as regards religion in Hyperborea.


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