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Honey is an unknown quality

I mentioned Lolita in a negative aspect a while back, yet that does not mean I think it is not beautiful—nor that I do not think Nabokov was a great poet. Today, another Nabokov work is salient: Pale Fire. I have noted before that in Pale Fire there is a poem, composed with an esoterically significant number, and that the poem’s author has a heart attack and goes to a place where cells interlink within cells interlink…and this was used in Blade Runner 2049 as a voice clip for the updated Voight-Kampff test to see if you are human.

I also noted recently that the popular notion that “the bees are disappearing” refers not to biological bees but to those who love wisdom—those who were referred to long ago in Babylon, more recently by the Christian bishop Mar Salomon, as “bees”. The men who gather the honey of wisdom. The picture above is an obol placed with a corpse in ancient Greece to pay Charon the ferryman when you reach the far side—it depicts a bee; and the ancient Celts, the Druids, who went right back to Indo-Aryan times and were related to the Brahmins, said that the bees come from paradise—modern materialists interpret that to mean they were very grateful for the sweet honey, yet they are quite incorrect.

Heaven is the hive—it is the house of many mansions, so described by Jesus. Cells interlink cells interlink—so on to infinity, as were the old monks in their cells. Those who work for wisdom gather their honey to inhabit their cell, to return to the hive—wisdom gathered on earth is the sweetness that makes the home in Heaven. Today this has a Christian complexion, but it goes back beyond Christianity. And Nabokov knew in our day, in his pale fire, hence it was included in Blade Runner—a series that includes many Gnostic Christian themes. What is hidden from us today: honey is an unknown quality.


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