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Holy Grail II

Dante sees the Grail written in the skies by the stars: “Love justice, ye who govern the earth.” However, in this case “justice” is in fact a sound, not rational justice as we would imagine dispensed by a judge in court. This is more as with Leonard Cohen’s lyric: “I’ve heard there’s a secret chord that David played, and it pleased the Lord”. So the phrase “Love justice, ye who govern the earth” is not the Grail itself—the Grail is justice, and justice is a sound; and here we see parallels with Hinduism’s “OM”—the primordial sound of creation.

The Grail is also described as a book, thanks to wordplay—gradal (graal). The wordplay element in the Grail quest probably refers to the way the stars spell out “Love justice, ye who govern the earth”—the stars can spell out many cryptograms to deter the impure. Further, the Grail is often said to be a vase—again by wordplay, grasale (graal). The vase itself is an ancient symbol found in the Egyptian religion, it stands for the heart—the vase filled with blood (the blood of Christ). In variations on the legend, it is said that “the book” is in fact an inscription on a vase—or, of course, an inscription in the stars.

The above image is from an article that explains how Stonehenge’s stones have special musical properties. In fact, the stones were transported an extraordinary distance for this very reason; and this connection between stones and music is found across the world—the black stone in Mecca’s Ka’ba is said to sing (it is Cybele’s stone). These singing stones were used to choose kings—hence King Arthur’s sword in the stone. Now we have the Grail: the Grail was said to be a stone that fell from Lucifer’s crown when the battle raged in the Heavens—it fell to earth and was shaped into a vase, caught Christ’s blood, and was inscribed with Dante’s coda.

The reason the Grail can be a book, a stone, and an inscription is that it is a sound—originally, it was a sound from a sacred stone. When the stone “spoke” it dispensed justice—over time, the secret of the stones has been forgotten and so they no longer speak to us. The Grail stone itself has been lost. However, men like Dante, intiated into the esoteric tradition, preserved the sound—at least in part—in their poetry (the Commedia is written in line with certain esoteric numerical rules), and they also preserved the inscription on the Grail itself: “Love justice, ye who govern the earth”—this was written on the cup of Christ.


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